3 Self improvement books to read in your twenty somethings

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It is no secret that reading is one of the best activities you can partake in to improve your life.

When you are in your twenty somethings it’s your time to build up your foundation for real success.

Recently I was looking through my library and I had this thought.

What if I read some of these books when I was in my 20 somethings ?

So here we are, I have put together a list of books I know would have helped me tremendously on my journey through the my early adulthood.

Let’s jump right in.

#1 The sixteen laws of success written by Napoleon Hill

Written by one of the greatest self help authors of all time.

Napoleon Hill wrote this gem in 1925.

Napoleon Hill decided to write this book after encouragement from his close friend Andrew Carnegie, who was a massively successful steel titan and the richest man alive at the time.

Andrew believed that success could be taught to anyone who was willing to learn and apply the laws.

Andrew encouraged Napoleon to outline the traits needed to be successful and then organize them into a manual.

The result is a book so packed with knowledge on the subject of success that I must say if there is one book that will outline the complete journey to success, this is it.

The book itself is well written and very encouraging.

With that said it was written in 1925 so it is very “old school” Some of the references sound strange at times, but remember that is how things were at one time.

Nothing terrible but just be aware. Even Napoleon says himself in the intro that the book is written to teach, not entertain.

This book is a must read, It has been and always will be in my arsenal of motivating and success teaching resources.

With references from Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Andrew Carnegie, and many others there is definitely something to learn in these pages.

Chapters in the sixteen laws of success.

All are necessary, all are fantastic.

  • The Master Mind…
  • A Definite Chief Aim..
  • Self-Confidence..
  • The Habit of Saving..
  • Initiative and Leadership.
  • Imagination.
  • Enthusiasm..
  • Self-Control.
  • The Habit of Doing More Than Paid For.
  • Accurate Thought…
  • Concentration…
  • Co-Operation
  • Failure..
  • Tolerance..
  • The Golden Rule

#2 Unfu^# yourself get out of your head and into you life

With over two million copies sold this New York Times best seller is one of the best books I have ever read.

Written by best selling author Gary John Bishop this book is a gem in any man’s arsenal.

Gary John Bishop knows about succeeding, and he knows how to put it on paper in a way many can not duplicate.

You want more money in your life? Read this book.

Gary is one of the leaders in the personal development world and for good reason.

I purchased this book on Audible so I can listen on the go.

I don’t always have time to sit and read, so I just listen; audible allows you to improve your life on the ride to work.

Honestly its one of my favorite things, on the way to work I can catch up and get motivated to take on the day.

This book really digs in and wakes you up to how self talk affects your life and chances of achieving your goals.

For me I still re listen to this book often. It has a way of motivating that I have never really gotten from other books.

Unfuc^ yourself chapters

  • In the beginning gets you fired up and prepped for what is about to come. It explains the importance of getting out of your head and into the game of life. YOUR LIFE.
  • I am willing. This chapter explains how you must first decide on what you are truly willing, and not willing to do in life. This chapter alone is worth the books price.
  • I am wired to win. This chapter gets into how our minds work and explains how your mind does not fail. It always has you winning, the issue is your thoughts may have you winning at a crappy life.
  • I got this. This chapter encourages and enlightens you to your true potential.
  • I embrace the uncertainty. This section gets deep into embracing what fears and issues we have so we can focus and be our best self.
  • I am not my thoughts, I am what I do. This is one of the best chapters of the book in my opinion. It shows you how your thoughts are just that, thoughts. Actions are what really matter. Trust me on this Gary puts it down much better than I can even start to tell you. Get this book!
  • I am relentless. This gets you in the right mind frame to really apply the books teachings and start to kill it in your life. You are relentless!
  • I expect nothing and accept everything. Another chapter that is alone worth the cost of this whole book. It teaches how to let go of expecting things in life and accepting them for what they are. When you stop expecting things to be a certain way you are truly free to live.
  • Where next? Putting it all together like Gary does, it sends you off fresh and motivated to kick ass.

This book changed my life, I really mean that, I just wish I read it in my 20 somethings.

#3 The richest man in Babylon

The same principals that worked hundreds or even thousands of years ago still work.

The Ricest Man In Babylon is a must read. Not only if you are in your twenty somethings but for anyone looking to get there finances under control.

There are firm foundations that still need to be followed today if you want to gain financial freedom.

This book hits them right on the head, based on many old facts that still hold true today. It motivates you to start saving money and teaches the dangers of debt.

Learn how paying yourself no less than 10% every time you get payed will “fatten your wallet” faster than you think.

See the crippling effects of debts and how to start paying them down.

Learn to make money work for you so you can enjoy life the way it was meant to be. Once you learn the “five laws of gold” you will never look back at old money ways.

If you need to get your finances on point read this book first.

This book has been hailed as the greatest of all inspirational works on the subject of thrift, financial planning, and personal wealth for good reason.

Wrapping it all up

These books together will make you a better person than you are now if read and applied with a purpose. All three are filled with lessons that are all important to your foundation.

You must build a solid base foundation before you can succeed.

I have read all three of these books multiple times and credit a lot of the good things in my life to their teachings.

I still re read all three here and there to tidy up my habits, every time I read or listen to them again I pick up another idea or motivating thought.

If you are looking to succeed and made it this far into my post you are already above the normal.

You are thinking and serious about learning.

These books are the next step, read them and absorb as much information as you can. Don’t worry about how anyone else feels about them because two of them are old their values will never be outdated.

When it comes to success the old tried and true methods work, and they always will.

Book number one, The 16 Laws of success will build the lowest base. You will learn how to fundamentally change yourself to the core.

It will take time but remember life is a journey, as long as you are going forward you are getting better and smarter.

Book two, Un %$^& Yourself will help you classify and apply book one’s teachings more precisely.

You will learn simple concepts that will make or break you.

Gary John Bishop teaches these concepts so well that you will be surprised to find out you didn’t know a damn thing before you read it in a weird but good way.

Book three is the icing on the cake, once you know what it takes to attain success and how to get you mind right this final stone is your finishing touch.

The richest Man In Babylon will show you the road to financial freedom and wealth.

All three of these books are great alone, but add them all together and you have a powerhouse that will guide you straight up the latter of success.

Once you get these down, you will be well above the average Joe.

Your thought process will slowly evolve, and you will have a much more fulfilling and successful life.

After you lay your foundation with these books there are many others just as good but start here.

I truly hope you enjoy the journey. Always remember, you are the captain of your soul, you are important, and you can do it.

2 thoughts on “3 Self improvement books to read in your twenty somethings

  1. Hi Jerry. I enjoyed the article and I am a big fan of reading now and I wish that I had read more when I was in my twenties. I am a big fan of Napoleon Hill’s writing and I have read The Sixteen Laws of Success. But I haven’t read Unfu^# Yourself and get out of your head and into your life, or the Richest Man In Babylon. These books sound really interesting and I agree that these all would be great books for men in their twentysomethings to read. 

    1. Great to hear you are a fan of Napoleon’s work Matt. That book just stands the test of time. I’m sure you will enjoy the other two books. They are a real eye opening power house together ! 

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