5 Life tips: Change your thoughts change your life

It is a known fact that a man creates his own reality with solely his thoughts. Everything that you let in to your mind and every reaction you have towards things that come your way is yours to control.

Is it easy? Hell no, even if you know 100% what will make life better it will still be hard to stay the course and follow through.

Some of the best things in life however are the simplest. If understood and applied however these seemingly simple traits can bring much happiness and success to the person wise enough to know and follow them.

Wise man that knows the 5 life changing ways to think

In this article I want to go over these simple but many times overlooked things.

  1. Being too nice
  2. Letting fear control you
  3. Focusing on the wrong things
  4. Understanding whats at stake
  5. Thinking you have nothing

Change your life with these 5 life changing ways to think.

Starting to improve your life does not have to be hard. It starts with changing small things that start to add up over time. The ability to look at yourself through a brutally honest lens is that magic key to self improvement. Below are some of the very common, and sometimes sneaky things that hold us back.

#1 Don’t be too nice

Being nice to people is one of the best things you can do in your life, it builds character and poise. Everyone likes a genuine nice person. However when is there a line that is crossed? There are times when a man needs to set boundaries and stand up for himself.

The man that fears confrontation is anchored down by the actions of others. This is one of the success killers that needs to be eliminated in a man looking improve himself.

Don’t be too nice, I have a full post that gets deeper into this subject. Are you too nice? Check it out if you feel that being too nice is one of your weak points.

A true man is nice and respected. The issue some men have is this fear that if they are not always nice to everyone at all times they will not be liked.

This is simply not true and many times this way of thinking backfires on the man that believes it. A genuine fair man that stands up and reacts to a situation …..even if it requires him to get a little not so nice, is always respected more by people around him.

This excessive need to be nice is a very hard thing to control. It is critical for you to get your foot on the neck of this emotion, and eliminate it.

“You must stop being nice just to be liked, be nice when it’s genuine.”

Now to clarify I’m talking about doing too much for people to the point of being taken advantage of.

Get a handle on this one fast. It will cause you to miss out on many good things life has to offer. You are not responsible for every problem that your friends and family have in their lives.

Say no to people that expect you to bend over backwards for them. Stop putting up with shit because you are scared you won’t be liked.

# 2 Don’t let fear control your actions

This one may seem easy to think about, actually doing it is another story all together.

Fear is a nasty bedfellow, it wears your mind, strips you of rational thought, and holds you back. You must have a healthy respect for situations but never fear.

“The King Rides The Calmest Elephant.”

My interpretation of this one? Realize what emotions you are feeling and identify with yourself in the given moment. Have full control over not only your emotions, but your entire mind.

“One that can stay calm can lead, one that loses control has not the control to lead.”

# 3 Stop focusing on the wrong things.

It’s easy to forget what is really important in our lives. When we focus our energy with intensity on a given task, it is generally achieved. One must understand that the human brain is designed to keep you in a comfortable and safe state at all times.

With that said, the human brain is far more capable than we realize. The following link can really help to train your mind, It’s my article that focuses on how important it is to guard your mind.

Pointing it like a master marksman on a firm and definite chief aim is not easy but there is nothing stopping you.

#4 Realize you are not in a game, this is your life.

This could not be any more clear when you put it into perspective. This is it folks, time moves faster than we think. People have the tendency to put things off with the false belief that they have forever.

You don’t…

There is no time like now. There will never will be. get out there and take the world on. Leave something good behind in your wake.

“Follow those dreams you think are too far away, they may already be yours.”

# 5 Stop looking at what you have as nothing.

I realize everyone has a different situation as far as day to day life. With that said anything you have built for yourself over the years is yours, good or bad.

As long as it came with honesty and hard work it is yours. Stop downing yourself and get the thoughts of what you don’t have out of your mind. Look around at what you do have and be thankful. Remember your history and how you got here. Realize that you are part of a bigger picture.

Cherish what’s important.

Thank yourself and the universe for what you have. Be grateful and say it to yourself from time to time.

Life a journey that should be free of a cluttered mind. It’s hard for sure, this is something that I try to work on constantly. Now that you know these 5 tips you can start to focus and grow.

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