5 Things every man needs at 30

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There is something about hitting 30 that just makes you feel like it’s time to start getting more of your life in order. I remember thinking when I hit 30 many years ago that I was so old, let me tell you 30 is a great time in your life.

You are far from old, however you are a little wiser than you have ever been. You have made it through the crazy 20s. You are a little wiser, however you still have much to learn in the coming years.

At this point you should have a definite chief aim in life, or at least be thinking about one

There are a few things that a man should have down at this point. In this article I’m listing out 5 things that you should own or know at your age

5 Things every man in his 30s needs

Life comes fast, things happen and you can never really tell from what angle you may get smacked in the head from first.

This brings us to the first thing you need.

Emergency Fund

I don’t care if you live in a mansion or in mom and dads basement.

You need money for emergencies saved up and safe.

The stress that can be relived by just having a few bucks stashed away can be priceless. With the world being as unpredictable as ever now is the time to save up some cash.

Money master Dave Ramsey says the following in his bestseller The total money makeover.

“One should have 3 to 6 months of living expenses put away.” This is after all debts are payed off. Paying debts is another article, just know that you need some liquid cash that you can get when you need it.

roll of american dollar banknotes tightened with bandbeing underpayed

Now that you are not broke let’s move on…..

A good barber

If you are still getting your haircut at the same place your grandma brought you it’s time to step it up.

A good barber will make you look 100% better, trust me.

person combing person s hair
Photo by Dmitry Zvolskiy on Pexels.com

Stop heading to Supercuts and find a barber that still has some old school skills. They know what works with your face shape and how to keep your edges nice and tight.

It’s time for a man’s haircut.

You are looking great, nice haircut and some jingle in your bank. What’s next on this crazy list of man?

A nice watch

That’s right I said it, you need a watch. Not your superman watch that is under your bed next to your Mario brothers wallet.

You need a high quality time piece that will set off your look and style. Women love two things on men, a nice watch and nice shoes.

Trust me on this.

One of my favorite watches for everyday wear is the Bulova Marine star, I love this watch. I have gotten more compliments on this watch more than any of my others.

bulova marine star
My Bulova Marine Star

Man do I love that watch…..Ok let’s get moving here.

Things happen in life, some good and some bad.

Funerals, weddings, job interviews, etc……

You need a nice suit

The suit that fits you like crap……. you know that suit you wore when you were 18 years old.

Throw it out!

You need to attend things in life and you need to look like a man, not some kid that’s wearing his dad’s suit. There are plenty of suits that are not too expensive that you can get yourself into.

With the suit comes the tailor….find a good tailor, buying the suit is half the process.

man in blue suit
Photo by The Lazy Artist Gallery on Pexels.com

Nothing looks worse than a bad fitting suit……..nothing.

Be that man that isn’t afraid to look good when life requires it.

You look good, you have money, style and should be grateful.

That is the last thing a man should be.

Truly grateful

Being a man is more than success, making money and driving a nice car. It means being there when you are needed. It means being a good dad and husband.

It also means being able to look back at where you have been and being truly grateful for what you have.

The universe has a strange way about her………..If you are given what you want in life but are ungrateful to the people and things that gave you what you love.

She has a way of pulling it right out from under you.

A truly great man understands this……..whether he realizes it or not.

Thank you for reading.

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