Better life challenge: Make 2021 your best year yet

Have you ever thought to yourself, “Man I want more out of life, I feel trapped and burnt out.” 

I speak for many when I say that 2022 has been year with a lot of those thoughts, plus many others.

It’s time to get back in action men, this is how we are gonna start.

This feeling can be overwhelming at times. If not harnessed and controlled, it can really spiral out of control fast.

Here is a little challenge I designed to get you out of the slump of 2022 and into 2023 kicking major ass.

This will improve your life. Feel better and make the commitment to start today.

Implement some of these simple changes, I guarantee your overall attitude and life will change for the better….. Fast.


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The beginning….

Holy shit……..I’m a dad!

I found myself so excited and proud after my first child was born. There is so much to do and stay on top of for the little ones…….

I learned very quickly that it takes a lot of energy to be a dad.

All of your time is devoted to being a provider, husband, and father. It’s easy to forget yourself in the process.

For me this meant putting the gym aside. I simply did not want to go anymore. Being up all night and working all day, it was the last thing I ever wanted to do at that point.

You start to feel slower, less and less motivated to get to the gym. Before you know it, you have been paying for a gym membership that has not been used in months.

You may have something in your life that just isn’t the same anymore.

So how do we start to eliminate stress and improve our overall life?

First and foremost you need to commit, results do not come to those that pussyfoot around getting shit done.

This is where we need to step back and really learn yourself. Commit to improving all aspects of your life, then take the better life challenge by the horns.

The better life challenge starts here.

The very first thing that will improve your life today, improve your overall health, happiness and well being??….wake up early.

Commit to getting up when the alarm goes of…

No snooze at all. ….

Think of it, the biggest challenge for most dads is finding time in the day to get things done uninterrupted.

What better way to get more time to yourself than waking up at 4:00Am?

For the majority of dads the rest of the family is fast asleep at this time.

What this means for you is a few hours of no distraction. This is the time for thinking, catching up on things, even just sitting with a cup of coffee reading my blog.

Create a routine that makes the rest of your day better. It will be hard at first if you are not an early bird, but it will get better.

Another great thing to do with this time is stretch out. This one thing alone will change your life for the better.

This is one of the harder things to stick to in the better life challenge.

Make time every morning to stretch out your entire body.

Loosen up and dump the stress

You don’t have to be a yoga master, just take some time and loosen up.
I was constantly in pain until I started doing this.

You work hard day to day, it is easy to forget that all of the stress and tightness in your body creates, in it’s final form PAIN.

Kick it to the curb, stretch it out. Try this for a week and you will notice great changes.

Stretching will improve your life, hands down

Is any of this easy?

Isn’t it so interesting that humans as a whole will not do the simple easy things that will improve their lives?

Many of us know exactly what we need to do to make our lives better.

Most of the time the things are so easy but yet so hard. This brings me to my next tip…..

Get control of your own mind.

black and white laptop showing 10 life goals for men

What I mean by this is the simple.

Understanding and fully accepting the fact that YOU are fully responsible for your life.

No one else is.

In this journey the one thing that no one but you can control is how you perceive and react to situations.

This is what many of the great scholars mean when they say……

“You are the captain of your soul.”

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This one line encapsulates the essence of human knowledge, once understood and applied you truly are unstoppable.

One of the best pieces of advice I have ever heard is your willingness to deal with a situation or not determines much of your overall happiness in life.

Knowing what you are truly willing to do in life is the key

What this means is you need to determine what you are willing to do, and what are you not willing to do.

This includes committing this better life challenge, will you do it? Can you stick to it?

Many times in life we beat ourselves up in our own heads. If I drive past the gym I feel like crap, lazy, and I get down on myself.

After doing this for a long time constantly, it clicked in my mind one day.

I was expected something that required serious and hard work that I really was not WILLING to do.

Willingness is a huge, I mean HUGE issue in our own heads.

The book Un@#$%^ Yourself by Gary John Bishop is the absolute best book I have ever read regarding this subject. I more than highly recommend it.

When I drove past that gym I was thinking like a pro bodybuilder that has a show to compete in next month.

When you feel like this about anything in life, its time to sit down and ask yourself. “What am I really willing to do here?”

What are you really willing to do?

This is probably the best question you could ever ask yourself.

Do you really want to be a pro bodybuilder? If so awesome! Get your ass in the gym and commit to the journey.


Do you just like the idea of it?

This is where the problems start to rise. After beating myself up for not going to the gym 7 days a week I realized……….

I don’t even want to be a bodybuilder, I am not willing to put that kind of time, hard work, and dedication into the gym.

I am willing to go to the gym enough to workout in a way that puts on some muscle and keeps me in shape though.

After realizing this I drive by when I want and pull in when I want. I enjoy the workouts now and I no longer feel like shit about myself for not going 7 days a week.

Accept yourself

Once you learn to own and accept what you are and are not willing to do. The stress and negative self talk simply go away.

The key here is you have to decide and really own your choice. If you want to do anything, decide if you are really willing to do what it takes.

If you are, go and get it, because you can get anything you fully commit to getting. This is how the human mind is designed, make no mistake any person that has a burning desire for something can’t be stopped if they stick it out long enough.

Now I am happier, I know I don’t need to train and eat perfectly. I have accepted the fact that I am not willing to do what it would take to reach that level.

45 minute workout
Younger days

Understanding your true willingness in life is huge, it is the first step to getting control of your mind.

It can go the other way as well.

Lets say you are in a crappy relationship with someone and you are unhappy.

You can’t stand the fact of being here but it is what it is.

Guess what. You are willing to live like this with someone that makes you unhappy.

If you are constantly complaining about your situation, either externally or internally, determine exactly what you are willing to do and what you are not willing to do.

I’m not talking day by day, I’m talking decide right now and OWN it.

If you complain about work every day. Stop and ask, “Am I willing to stay here in a job I hate?” Or “Am I willing to move on and push for a better job?”

Make the choice, better your life, challenge yourself to push and force yourself to commit.

Once you decide fully own it, this will eliminate a ton of stress and regret from your life almost instantly.

Dump expectations

Expectations are one of the biggest things that can hold you back.

Think about it. The majority of the time you are upset by a situation is because you expected a different outcome.

These expectations create a world of dissatisfaction and really can hold you back tremendously.

woman in white dress shirt and black pants sitting on gray couch

When I created my first website I had all of these great expectations in my head.

I expected with all of the hard work I was doing that my site would take off into the heavens.

With me riding it like a unicorn off into the land of success of course.

action animal bronco bucking


The reality is I expected an outcome that I did not get instantly. It takes a lot of hard work and time to design and maintain a website.

With my expectations creating disappointment I was ready to quit. I loved the setup of the site, it was a rush for me.

Once that was over and I went live I expected people to swarm to it.

The key word EXPECTED.

Once the reality of the situation set in I had a choice to make.


Keep going?……

We all have these situations from time to time. The first thing to think about in a life situation is…..

Am I truly willing to do this?

This means committing to the situation 100% and owning the choice.

You need to be committed to building a better life.

I asked myself…. Am I willing to do the work it takes to build up my site?

What I have done already is a lot, it will take more. Do I truly want this?

Maybe the idea of a site is nice but I just don’t want to put in the effort involved.

The key here is if you ask yourself…..

Am I willing to do this?

Once you answer yourself, own it and mean it. You can not pedal around in this, you need to be honest with yourself.

There is nothing wrong with saying I’m not willing to do what it takes to achieve XYZ.

The beauty is once you decide that, you will no longer feel bad about not performing at the level needed to attain something you really don’t want.

You have excepted that….And you own the choice.

This frees you from the feelings of guilt and self doubt.

Driving by the gym? So what, I go enough to stay at the level I want.

I don’t beat myself up about it anymore because I realize I don’t want the perfect body, and I am not willing to do what it would take to get it.

That is the power of willingness.

When really understood and applied in life it makes such a huge difference.

You are responsible for how you operate your mind.

No one else can tell you what to expect and what not to.

Maybe you get pissed when you hold a door for someone and they don’t say thanks. Or maybe you expect your wife to have the same mindset on money and saving that you do.

Whatever it is, it is driving your emotions on a huge level.

Dads are busy people. It is not easy to raise kids and still provide for your family.

All of this stress and work can sometimes creep in the back door of our minds starting to pull us down into negative thought.

Stop expecting outcomes! Good or bad, just let them go.

You can better your life instantly just by letting expectation go.

Learning to accept things as they are will free you from the roller coaster of disappointment.

By going into situations with this mindset you free yourself from the burden of expecting outcomes.

“All of this stuff I get done at work” “I expect my boss to notice and give me a raise.” “He an asshole!”

In this situation you are upset over an expectation of how your boss should react to your hard work.

The fact of the matter is your boss may not even be thinking about just your work.

Hell he may even EXPECT more out of you.

You see where the problem here is ? Now think of this happening in every situation in your life. Of course not every situation is a big deal but you get the point.

This can creep into the simplest of things.

My wife, who I adore.

She will drive her car around and park in the garage. When I hop in to take the family somewhere over the weekend……. BAM!!

Barely enough gas to pull out of the damn garage!

I used to get so aggravated over this, yeah I know the simplest of issues. The point is I expected her to fill the car up when she was done driving around.

Now I just except the fact that she does not think about it like I do. Do I agree? NO. But I just accept it for what it is and I don’t expect her to fill the car up every time she drives it.

Just this simple thought stops me from getting upset and stressed about issues that don’t really matter in the big scheme of things.

Be the captain of your thoughts

Change your life today.

Focus on being a dad, husband, and man.

Let good thoughts drive your life.

Find out how you are willing to handle every situation in your life.

Make the choices needed and then fully own them. Be honest with yourself.

Let go of expecting and just accept things as they come.

Stretch out stress and take time for yourself.

You can do anything you put your mind to…. improve your life today!

Thank you for reading!

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