These 3 Books For Men Are Guaranteed To Enrich And Motivate You Overnight!

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Let’s take a look at some books for men that can change your life for the better. Reading is a HUGE advantage to the man that partakes.

Ask ANY successful man if they read and chances are they will say yes without hesitation. The fact is books contain so much knowledge for the man that realizes how important reading is.

There are good books and there are GREAT books, this list is 3 GREAT books for the man that wants to begin his journey to a more successful self.

Reading builds success, these are 3 Books for men that Are Perfect To Start With!

The fact that you are here reading tells me that you are somewhat interested in self development. That being said I encourage you to read not only the articles here, but also the thousands of books at your disposal.

I have made a list of the three best motivational books for men that will add knowledge and true understanding of what success and happiness really is.

Read them all or read one, either way use the pages of these for what they are designed to do. Help you succeed in all aspects of your life.

What are some of the benefits of daily reading? Why bother?

Many men spend their glory years hunting for that perfect answer to all of their problems. The truly successful man knows however that the knowledge he seeks is easy to find in books. He focuses more on learning and evolving by reading the knowledge of others .

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Best Self Improvement Books For Men

This book is the foundation of the successful man. Written by Napoleon Hill this book is long and can be dry at times. However the fundamentals of being successful, not only financially but also as a man can be found in these pages.

This is the book that started my journey towards learning the ways of success. This is one of my absolute favorites simply because it was written in a time where there was no internet, tv, or any other technology that we take for granted on a daily basis.

This book highlights the work of men that helped pave the way for the world, these men achieved unbelievable success before the world was so easy to navigate.

Men such as….Henry Ford, Andrew Carnegie, Thomas Edison, Edwin C Barnes, and even Napoleon himself are the focus of this book.

Understanding these laws will get you the main rock hard foundation that will set the stage for the rest of your life. You may know some of these but others may shake you hard down to the core.

Make It Easier To Get Your Reading Time In…

The best way I have found to listen to this book is with Audible, the book is very long and will take some time to get through.

I listen at work with headphones when I can, and in the car on the way home. I have a great trial deal set up above so you can give Audible a shot with any of these books. Check it out and get the best price on sign up, or just try it out and dump it if you don’t like it…It’s a win-win.

The final say on The 16 Laws of Success written by Napoleon Hill?

Read or listen to this first to set the foundation of your success. Absorb the time tested fundamentals that never fade or get old. Learn how to apply the knowledge of the rest of these books by reading this.

2. Un%$#@ Yourself

Get out of your head and into your life with this smash hit of a book. By far this is one of the best books I have ever read on self improvement.

Gary does a great job of breaking down the ways we talk ourselves out of success. He really sets the stage for you to start asking yourself real questions, such as “what are you willing to do?” and “expect nothing and embrace everything.”

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These are things that every man needs to get down before he can sit at the wheel of success. After reading this you will feel empowered and refreshed. One of the big advantages of reading this is the way it motivates. I remember after reading this book I stopped procrastinating and started to get some major work done towards my goals.

I stopped expecting outcomes and started putting my focus towards working towards my goals and dreams. This book is one of the main reasons I followed my dream of starting a blog to motivate and inspire people.

Many of my articles are inspired by books. My essential tips for self development article is one of them.

3. The Richest Man in Babylon

This is the book that will get your money straight. Old school knowledge here is all you need to set the stage for having some cash put away.

There may be many money books that are better, however The Richest Man in Babylon holds the title as a must read simply because the fundamentals it covers worked 1,000 years ago…and still work today.

Learn how to start saving and pay off debt. This book will help you get your finances straight once and for all.

These Are The Three Best Motivational Books For Men

These books stand well on their own, however when they are all read they are a powerhouse of motivation and knowledge that every man should have under his belt.

The sixteen laws of success are the universal time tested traits that success itself is built on. Couple this with the Un&^%#$ yourself gem written by Gary John Bishop. This book takes that knowledge learned from the first book and kicks you into gear to apply the laws.

Once you have the motivation and the correct direction learned from the first two books it’s time to shift gears and get your finances straight.

The third book does just that by teaching the old school methods that still work today.

Wrapping Up

Listen guys, there are many other books out there that may be newer and perhaps even better. One thing however holds true….These books have stood the test of time for one simple reason, what they teach worked then and it still works now period.

I strongly encourage you to read more and absorb as much knowledge as you can. Start with these books and I guarantee that you will pick up some things that will help you on your quest for happiness, and success in life.

I have personally read them all more than once and I will continue reading them through the years. Invest in yourself and pick these up today.

Have a book you want to add? Comment below and us know!

Contact me at and let me know what you gain from these timeless reads. Thanks for reading!

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