Build the mindset needed to take action and reach new heights in life

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We all know that success does not come to just anyone. Success means different things to different people of course, but one thing is certain.

Any success that is worth having only comes when you develop an action mindset.

What is an action mindset?

Why do we need it?

In this article I want to go over these questions, plus really dig in on the importance of building up and using the power you already have within you.

It is very simple at it’s root.

The ability to decide and take action when needed is what makes up the action mindset.

It does not matter whether you are a business owner that needs to make a hard call, or the successful dad that makes it a point to spend the day with the kids. Without this positive mindset you will never take actions needed to move or progress through life in a smooth and positive way.

Many people want success but seem to never get their version of it within reach. More times than not this is due to the inability to take action and make decisions. Quite frankly many people do not want to make decisions or take actions that put them out of their comfort zone.

All is fine when this happens every now and then. If it means the difference between starting that business or being a better dad though, it can be devastating to the individuals happiness and well being.

Honing in the action mindset means realizing when it’s time to put on your man pants and get things done. Procrastination and self doubt are the main killers of the action mindset. They love to keep you in a comfortable place where no risk is taken and real effort is avoided.

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My article: Fear costs you more than you think goes deeper into how to eliminate fears. You can check it out >HERE<

Once you realize that you are the main thing that holds you back from being the man you desire to be; you can start learning how your mind works. With that comes self control, discipline and the coveted action mindset. One thing you must understand right now before we even start anything is….

You can not sit around waiting for success to happen!

It simply does not work that way. Far too many people in this day and age have these false ideas and expectations, they talk about what they want to do or have but never go into the action part.

I’m gonna do you a favor here and be frank, if you are lazy and your idea of work is a 20 minute thought about something you are in the wrong mindset.

“Dude, get your head out of your ass and apply this stuff !”

This was some gentle advice I was once told by a very good man. Apply it.

The faster you stop acting like a talker and become a man that goes after it you will remove yourself from the club of talkers and start joining the elite.

Talkers are just that, they say what sounds good but never act. After a while they start to BS themselves so much about what they should be doing that they lose sight of the main goal and take no actions to get it.

They stay in this rut of self resentment, unchecked this turns into lack of confidence and lack of the action mindset needed to kick ass and take names in life.

Sitting on your ass thinking about how you need to spend more time with your kids does not do anything but make you feel like less of a dad. The action mindset says “HELL NO” “I’m calling out of work one day soon and taking my kids somewhere fun.” This one action sets goals, and goals are what brings success.

“There are three kinds of people in life.”

“People that watch things happen.”

“People that wish things would happen.”

Men and Women that MAKE things happen.”

I want you to make your success and happiness happen!

How to start developing the action mindset.

Now that we have established what is needed to attain success and happiness lets look at actually applying it so you will be on ass kicking autopilot after a while.

The first thing you need to think about is your why. Why do you want whatever it is you seek? If you just want to have a ton of money in the bank its going to be much harder for you to stick through the shit when the going gets tough. If you make enough to get by now you will always fall back into your comfortable habits when you need to take action that is really challenging.

You need to know your why so you can develop a real passion and achieve what you are after. Without real passion the flame of your goals can burn out quick.

Maybe you want a ton of money in the bank so your kids can have something they really need that you can’t afford right now. Hell maybe you need to start making more money or you will lose your house or apartment and be on the streets.

When you hone in on your why you develop somewhat of an urgent need. If that need is important enough it will drive you into action. Your why triggers the action mindset you need to stop making excuses and start doing the things you know you should be doing.

Many times we know damn well what we need to do to attain something we want, however without the urgency and need for it we become somewhat passive and its harder to full commit.

Most of us are lucky enough to have a roof over our heads and food in our belly. However if I told you that you need to live out in the woods and hunt everyday or you simply don’t eat starting right now, how do you think most people would react?

A few days of complaining would pass, some people would make a shelter and get somewhat situated. Others would sit around. After a few days though you would see people start to do things they would never think of doing to survive.

It would be a simple equation, take action or die at that point. You would do whatever it takes to stay alive for as long as you can.

The strong would survive. Every normal human being has this instinct deep down, however it will only come to light when there is no turning back. Do or die , sink or swim.

You need to learn how to tap into this instinct in your life. If you are always talking about things you want or wish you could do but never seem to attain them, you simply do not want them bad enough.

Find what you want and figure out why, really look deep, not just it would be cool to be rich or own that business.

Im talking about burning the ships, no turning back. I need to do this no matter what, for myself, my kids, my life. Whatever it is.

Once you do this it will be much easier to tap into the mindset needed to achieve your goals. All of the fluff is out of the way at this point. All you have to do is think of your true why and remember you burned the ships to go back a long time ago.

This is the first step to force yourself to take action when you don’t feel like it.

Hold yourself accountable

Anytime you are not taking action and procrastinating when you should be driving forward towards your goals you are wasting precious time. In this step let’s start holding ourselves accountable. When you find yourself drifting into, ah Fu&^ ill do it later land, hold yourself accountable.

If you were your own employee and the company had a massive vision with a strick deadline how would you handle this guy? You know the guy that always has an excuse.

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See now that you established your why and have burned all the ships to get back home you are accountable for the outcome. You are the person in the woods with no food. Take action or die.

Hopefully you are starting to see how this all ties in together somewhat.

If you hired a new person to work in your own business, (remember you have a major goal and deadline, the ships are gone.) After the first three days they start showing up late, putting things off etc how would you handle that?

Well there is no time to deal with them is there? They need to go because they do not understand it’s a matter of life and death for you to meet this deadline.

Not literally but this is a burning passion right?

If you said “Sure I guess.” you are not getting it yet.

Find your passion and your why. Then disconnect and act like the ships are burned and there is no way to get back.

You now are accountable because it’s do or die. If you fail you will destroy your why, once that is gone its over.

Every time you feel yourself procrastinating and not doing what you know you should be to reach your goals hold yourself accountable like you work for your goal. Not the other way around, are you a shitty partner in the business?

If you reach the point of asking yourself this it’s time to remember the action mindset. This will light your enthusiasm back up and keep you on track.

Understand how to plan your actions

Action does not always mean doing the perfect thing all of the time, or getting ten thousand things done in a day. (Although the latter would be nice.) It means knowing what is next in line for you to get one more rung up the latter.

Think about this. If I tell you I want you to build a house by hand, give you every tool, and all the lumber needed, but there are no blueprints or plans, just build it.

What do you think would happen? Sure you may construct a house after a while but the frustration and wasted time would be huge. You would try all kinds of different ways to get it done and slowly dwindle your enthusiasm and resources to the point where you wouldn’t care if it fell down after you put in the last screw.

You can not take efficient action when you have no plans

How could you possibly build a house without blueprints?

You can’t, pure and simple. You need to take the time to list out what you actually want out of your life. Get a piece of paper and a pen and list out what your dreams and goals are, just let it flow here and be honest with yourself.

Look at these lists and decide how bad you want it and what you are willing to do to get it. I am certain when I say if you can’t even plan what you want you will never live happier than you are right now.

Putting all of the pieces together

Taking action requires a plan and some other elements that are not always easy to scrape up. Take the time to really know what you want out of life. Find your why and start to take action.

Use the power of your mind to create the mindset of doing what it takes to achieve your dreams.

Once you develop the action mindset there is NOTHING that can stop you from getting anything you want out of this life. You can do it!

Thank you for reading, comment and share if you found this helpful.

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