Build the confidence needed for success

The first thing in improving yourself and attaining success is simple….

Listen to your gut instincts

“How do some people make clear and concise choices while other people seem to lag and never really attain what they want out of life?”

The answer is not some special secret. It boils down to this fact. People capable of shutting down unneeded emotions, usually make clear and definite choices. Thus improving their confidence and trust in themselves. This leads to success. They always strive to be the best they can be.

How to trust yourself and start to build confidence? Let’s start at the beginning………

Hands down some of the best advice I have ever heard in my life was “Trust your gut. I remember thinking, what the hell does that even mean? At the time I had no clue.

Everyone has heard this before but I wanted to really dig in and see how this can affect my life. I started to wonder if this was one of the reasons I felt unsure and weak when it came to big decisions.

Over the years I have put many of the pieces together. I can tell you as soon as I realized what this truly means my life changed forever.

How to start making successful decisions without fear and doubt?…..Your gut

Think about it, what does your gut have to do with anything? Why is your gut feeling usually right? How does that affect my success?

We all get that feeling from time to time and think…….

Something is not right here

It took me a long time to figure out what that truly means. There are a few underlining meanings behind this feeling that I want to emphasize here.

It’s important to understand happy and successful people feel the same “fight of flight” reaction as anyone of us. They feel that same “something is not right instinct that we feel.

Yet they seem to power though stressful situations like it’s easy.

One major thing I have found is this…..People that are successful in any given endeavor are confident in their ability to perform a certain job or task. They are not lead by false emotions. They always trust their gut instinct. This is one of the roots of their success.

This is mainly due to the fact that they can “tune out” feelings of doubt. They know deeply what they are capable of and they can shut off the feelings of doubt and fear. Or at least suppress them long enough to act.

photo of head bust print artwork

Your own brain is fooling you !

The brain of any normal human being has one job above all else….

Keeping you safe and alive

It has no other job than this at it’s core. We are like the T 1000 terminators. You breathe and your heart beats on auto. Your brain will do ANYTHING it can to keep you alive. This is what makes easy things to improve your life so hard.

This goes on and on every single day you are alive. Terrific for us humans, we should all de be very grateful.

Imagine this, we have the most complex thing in our known universe under our skullcaps. Pretty impressive but the reality is, if you do not control it, it will control you……

This can pose a bit of a problem when we get into everyday life.

Understand this. Your brain does not want you to be uncomfortable or stressed at all.

This is why it’s hard to wake up at 4 am and workout. Or why some of us get get nervous talking in front of crowds.

Success that just seems too far out of reach.

  • That one girl you never asked out because you were too scared.
  • The extra reps in your workout that would bring you to failure.
  • The business you would love to start but is just too risky.
  • The fear you feel over really nothing.

Be it what it may, that “thing” that is out of your comfort zone will make your brain go into high alert. It will try to stop you from kicking ass.

It does not matter what your “thing” is. Remember your brain only seeks comfort, no danger, just stay safe at all costs and the old noggin is happy.

This behavior stems from primitive times where humans were literally on the menu for all kinds of shit. Humans needed to be insanely careful. Gather food, water, protect, and hunt.

Unless you are waaaayy behind on the times, life has changed.

So our brain only wants comfort and safety

Ok fine, so what the hell does that have to do with trusting my gut ?

A ton, but first we need to see what else drives us.

Your heart…

Maybe it is actually your heart, or just emotions deep down inside your brain.

Who knows.

What I do know is your heart can be so blind it’s scary. How many times have you made a poor decision because of your heart. Don’t get me wrong here you must have heart, but you must keep it in the proper space in your mind.

People in general have certain loves in their lives. It could be a person or a hobby. The point here is even though we love something or someone it doesn’t mean it’s always good for us.

How many people have you heard of that hold back and stay in a shitty situation that they know is toxic deep down ?

A ton, and you know why? comfort for our brain, and love. This is not all bad, don’t get me wrong but we cannot allow the big decisions in our lives to be decided only by our heart.

If we constantly do this we are blinded. We don’t attain our true potential.

I may love to eat junk food everyday, I love it! My brain says shit, this stuff makes me feel terrific!

What does my gut say?

Dude you have to stop eating this crap too much. Its not good for you.

Understand that your gut….. That deep down feeling, is not driven by any love or emotion. It is pure instinct. It always knows.

Listen to your brain

Listen to your heart

Take them both in, hear out both sides and give each it’s fair due.

Use them as guides, but take each with a grain of salt. You wanna be a better man? Learn how to control and drive you mind. Success will follow

When your gut tells you the answer it is the right one….Always trust your gut above all else. It is not lead by anything other than your god given instinct.

"You are far more powerful than you think you are." 

Thank you for reading. Comment below. Suggestions for future posts always welcome.

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