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How To Move Up In Life: The Importance Of Value

Wishing life consisted of more money, passion, success, and happiness is a normal trait that we all carry as humans. Many people will ask the question of how to move up in life but will not understand that a price needs to be payed to…


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Every man needs to know the art of the handshake

In order to earn respect and build up good character, men need to interact with each other in a harmonious way. A staple of this interaction is found in the handshake. What can I possibly tell you about shaking hands? It’s pretty straight forward right?…


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Two Ways To Greatly Improve Your Conversation Skills

Life is a constant game of communicating and sharing ideas and thoughts with others. In this article, I will cover how to improve conversation skills to help you get what you want by talking in a way that grabs people’s attention. Why You Should Improve…