How Guarding Your Mind Builds Success

Everything you see, smell, taste, feel, love, and hate stems from your own mind. Make no mistake, the path to success requires you to keep your mind clear, sharp, and free of negative distractions. The man that leaves his mind unguarded to anything that enters,…


photo of head bust print artwork

Visualization: The key to success??

Can you see what would make you happy? Could you see yourself clear as day enjoying your success? Can you see where you want to go? I remember being a young man. I could see and practically taste what I wanted in my mind. It…


man doing boxing

Do you really know what you want out of life?

Some of the best advice I have ever gotten is found in these words… “Know what you want, then go after it like a pitbull.” For many men however the hard part is simply knowing what we truly want in life. Sounds stupid but it…


man showing the common bad habit of putting things off

Overcoming procrastination

Halfway through the day I had my heart set on writing a great post for my valued readers. Fast forward to the end of the day and BAM! My mind was throwing everything it could at me to stop working and just open a beer,…


Build the confidence needed for success

The first thing in improving yourself and attaining success is simple…. Listen to your gut instincts “How do some people make clear and concise choices while other people seem to lag and never really attain what they want out of life?” The answer is not…