6 Common bad habits that are holding you hostage

thoughtful young ethnic guy smoking cigarette near shabby wall

Everyone has a few bad habits that we need to keep under control….EVERYONE.

The main issue however is many of our bad habits are so engrained in us that we don’t even realize it until it slaps us square in the face.

Take a step back and look at this list of common bad habits that may be holding you back in one or more aspects of your life.

I need to be honest here, in the process of writing this article I found a few more of my own to work on.

Read to the end to find out mine.

Some bad habits are actually killing you!

Some of these are obvious as hell like smoking.

Good god man if you are still chugging away on those butts you need to stop ASAP!

thoughtful young ethnic guy smoking cigarette near shabby wall

Pretty damn stupid…

That is an example of one habit you know damn well is killing you slowly. There is not one good thing that comes from smoking.

Never has been, never will be.

Listen, I’m not gonna sit here and waste both of our times writing about the obvious. If you need to be told smoking or drugs are bad for every aspect of your life you have bigger issues to deal with.

I’m not going to harp on the obvious crap you already know in this article.

I owe you much more than that.

I would much rather touch on the sneaky stuff……You know that sneaky bastard of a habit that is sucking the life and productivity out of you without you even knowing.

If you are anything like me you want to read this list, why you may ask?

It’s simple: The man who looks for his own flaws can correct them to become better and smarter than he was before.

This my friend is the cornerstone of true happiness and success.

It’s very simple…… Success takes work, part of that work comes down to taking a good look at yourself and finding your bad habits that stop you from moving forward.

It’s not easy…..Hell it can even be downright terrible.

However, when you start to look at things from a different angle you can start to make some good lasting changes that will carry you farther than you ever thought possible.

Sometimes a good kick in the ass is what you need to see things clearly.

I’m here to give it to you. I have many of these to work on myself so let’s look at these together.

Let’s look at some common bad habits that are often overlooked.

Talking too much:

Well here is one that I definitely have issues with from time to time. Talking in general is not a bad thing , however talking too much about your goals and dreams is.

I have found out over the years that many people you think want you to succeed absolutely don’t.

This is not necessarily because they want you to crash and burn, it’s more due to the fact they don’t want you to change the person they are used to being around and hanging out with.

When you blab to anyone that will listen about your goals and what you are up to, you lose power.

People do not need to know every damn plan you have coming down the line. I have learned this lesson personally more than a few times.

I am still surprised at how this one common bad habit can really bite you in the ass.

I try to really stop this habit more than any of them.

Keep your goals and business to yourself.

Sleeping too much:

Here is another one that can change your life in a matter of days.

Waking up ass early isn’t the most fun or easy thing to do but it is worth it. The morning is a time to sit and be just with yourself, no distractions.

This is a beautiful time to work on your projects or plans. You will be more productive and feel better after a week or so of waking up at 5AM.

serene man sleeping under blanket

Too much = too much time wasted.

Give it a shot, there is a good reason why many of the most successful people in the world are up at 4AM.

If you have the common bad habit of hitting snooze until 11:30 you are missing out on valuable time that should be spent building and honing your goals and projects.

Serious about improving your life? Stop hitting snooze and get your ass up.

Negative self talk:

I talk to myself constantly and so do you. These conversations are very important and need to be as positive as possible.

If you allow yourself to constantly doubt and criticize you as a man there is no way you will be truly happy or successful.

This is a bad habit that many people have in common but never talk about.

You need to think of your self talk as if you were talking with someone at the dinner table.

Would you allow someone to call you stupid or tell you that your ideas are shit??

I hope not, so why would you put up with your own mind talking to you like this?

This common habit may be the most important on this list to get under control.

Unchecked this can send you into a negative spiral that will be very hard to get out of.

Kick your own ass if you have to, do not let your mind talk shit to you.

Remember that you are in charge, your mind works for you.

Putting things off:

Oh man is this a good one.

There are things that we will put off until the last possible second if we could.

Procrastination is the killer of many dreams in life. When this bad habit is formed it becomes the leader of your life.

man showing the common bad habit of putting things off

Later usually means never.

Your mind will make every excuse to not do what you know needs to be done.

Even this article for me was something I knew I wanted to get to but my mind started wondering. Then the bullshit excuses start to unravel.

“Maybe later, I’m exhausted. “That idea sucks anyway, I’ll come up with something tomorrow.”

On and on, the time it takes to bitch and cry about what needs to get done could be used just getting the thing done!

Successful men do not put things off that need to be done….period

Saying yes all of the time:

I have to be honest here, I have a hard time saying no sometimes.

If you are like me you enjoy helping people out. The issue lies when we take this too far though.

It is easy to be so absorbed in trying to be the “nice guy” that you lose sight of your own needs and wants.

However after a while you become resentful towards the people you are helping. This is a toxic mindset to be in, eventually you will become nasty and all of your good intensions will be for nothing.

Helping people is something that every man should do, however there is a limit to how much you can possibility take on.

One rule I have is I will not take time from my kids or wife during weekends.

I will do some work related things with a definite limit. If you are spending more time helping your neighbor than you are with your own family this is a major issue that you need to get squared away right now.

Stop feeling like you need to help every person that comes your way.

I personally have a very hard time with this bad habit of feeling responsible for fixing every ones issues. The truth is many of those people would not do the same for you in return.

The sloppy money habit:

This is a very common bad habit that many people have and don’t even realize.

You know that few bucks you spend on crap that you look at once and throw away?

Maybe it’s that gym membership that you pay every month without even going to the gym.

common bad habit of wasting money

Common bad habit? Wasting me

These little wasting habits are very sneaky and can really add up over time.

Kill this habit by taking a good look at all of the things you spend money on and then make a list, chances are when you are done you will see more than a few things that can go.

One good tip: An example of what I am talking about is insurance. Take a look at all of your policies and check for better prices once a year.

Many times you will find that the insurance company you have is not the cheapest, doing this can easily save you hundreds a year. Just make sure to not skimp on the actual coverage.

Get you money under control and ditch the wasteful habits that are holding you back.

  • Talking too much about goals and plans
  • Sleeping too much
  • Negative self talk
  • Putting things off that should be done today
  • Saying yes too much
  • Sloppy money habits

All of the above are sneaky but surprisingly common bad habits. The goal of this article is to put them into your line of site so you can eliminate them and never look back.

Be honest with yourself and kill em off now!

Wrapping up this list of habits we can all do without.

Easily my two to really work on are talking too much and saying yes all of the time.

Hopefully this list of common bad habits got you to look at one or two yourself that you could do without.

Being a successful and happy man comes when we take honest inventory of ourselves and own what we see, good or bad.

This is how to hone in and really focus on the weak points to become well rounded and strong.

Anything is possible, you absolutely got this.

These are the words you should be telling yourself everyday. Push forward and get after it!

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