How to carry yourself like a respected man

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Are you respected as much as you deserve to be? Do people talk over you?

When you move in public are you noticed or do people stand in your way?

Why do some men get the respect and you don’t?

“I’ve run all of these questions through my mind, over and over again.”

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How to carry yourself like a respected man

Fed up with feeling like another person fighting to be respected and heard? Trust me, I’ve been there. I started to pay close attention to people I look up to and respect.

I found certain traits every one of them carry.

One thing always stands out…..

These men know how to carry themselves….

When I first started learning what it takes to build true success as a man I was frustrated. I felt overlooked and under heard when I spoke at work.

Then I realized…..”If I want to be respected like the men I looked up to, I need to carry myself the way they do.”

Now I had the goal plus the ambition to learn this art of man! Every man should be after a goal. Something that he has true passion for and will center his energy on attaining it. One thing must be taken into account however. Whatever that goal is you need to interact with others and carry yourself like a man that is ready and willing to make it happen.

One goal is universal to success…..You must carry yourself well through life with a solid foundation of integrity.

In this article you will learn how to carry yourself like a man through life no matter what situation you find yourself in.

Some men just have the trait naturally, they move, talk, and basically kick ass through life because they project confidence, poise, and respect for others.

Men that carry themselves with confidence, poise, and integrity are pretty much respected universally.

They are magnetic. Success is easy to achieve for these men.

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How you carry yourself is much more important then many men realize.

Truly successful men know how important this art is however.

This is why they are kicking ass in life.

I have been in this boat before, wondering why some guys just seem to have that way about them and some guys don’t. When they talk people listen, when they move people get out of the way. I started to pay attention to some of the people I look up to. How they interact in certain situations, how they walk and talk.

How they negotiate….More important than that? How they naturally command respect.

In general I started to learn how these men carry themselves along in life. Needless to say I had ( and still do ) have some work to do, but the process has really taught me a lot about being happier and more successful.

Let’s get started. How does a respected man carry himself?

The fact you are reading this indicates you have some idea already.

You are looking to better yourself just like I am. The way you carry yourself as a man projects to the outside world exactly what you think about yourself internally. The man with no confidence and no direction will never earn respect from the people he interacts with…..It just doesn’t work that way.

Many men overlook how they interact in their own life. They blame situations and circumstances. They do not realize they need to lead situations and grab life!

Why are you here?

You are reading this for some reason, so what’s the deal…..Quick example …. I’m a big Napoleon Hill fan, one of the big lessons in his timeless teachings is just knowing what it is that you actually want…..Or what your “definite chief aim in life is.”

Being honest with yourself is the first step to learning how to carry yourself. Do people listen when you speak? Do people write off everything you say because they don’t have respect for you as a man? Take a honest review of yourself, tune into how you react to situations and events (good or bad.)

Find the reason you are reading this and be honest with yourself. This is the first step to realizing why you want to carry yourself better and how to do it.

The man that is not taken seriously and feels disrespected has not shown his position clearly to the world around him.

He fails to carry himself with purpose and direction. Remember, the world will step out of the way for a man with true direction and purpose.

Many men these days have forgotten this art of man. They walk and move like they are slowly drifting around looking for something to happen. Men that don’t carry that ingrained sense of purpose, self control, and respect for others can be smelled out a mile away.

How many times have you gotten a limp dead handshake from a man with shifty eyes and poor posture? What was the immediate thought in your mind? I bet it wasn’t great.

Does this make this man a bad person? Of course not, make no mistake however, he is in a group of men that are meager followers.

A man like this isn’t someone people truly respect and trust to handle a situation that requires a strong and disciplined mind.

Who suffers from carrying themselves the wrong way?

Perhaps the man that is disrespected constantly at work by his boss and fellow workers. This guy leaves work pissed mumbling to himself but fails to realize the real issue causing this unhappy situation he is in.

This comes down to how he carries himself as a man…… period.

Anytime you are pushed to the back in life, whether it’s at work, in relationships, with your buddies, wherever. You need to learn how to carry yourself in a way that demands respect.

It is up to you…

 YOU are the captain of your life, how you perceive and react to things will make your reality. After reading this article you will have some tricks in your pocket that will help you carry yourself like a man the world respects.

If you read this and apply it in your life you will see great change in the way people interact with you, your life will improve. There are many aspects to carrying yourself to cover, however in this article I want to focus on the first thing that you must get down before moving on in my upcoming series of articles.

This article covers how to ……..

Have a Strong Presence

The first step…..

What is presence exactly, why the hell does it matter? Let’s take a few examples that show why true presence is so important.

There are two guys out on the town for the night, both are single and looking to find that perfect girl. They head out to the bar and it’s loaded with beautiful women.

The first guy we will call Dan, he’s loud and not afraid to walk in the room and raise all kinds of hell.

This is exactly what he does……. He flings open the door and starts talking loud and obnoxious to every one that will listen. He forces his way up to the bar and yells towards the busy bartender what drinks he wants.

His demeanor is terrible, his stance is childish.

Leaning at the bar with a cocky attitude and generally irritating people. Don’t get me wrong he is a decent guy, people around him are fine with him.

The way he carries himself signals a fun guy, however not a responsible guy. He is the loud obnoxious guy that still thinks girls like someone that will act like an idiot and look for anyway to “impress.”

Men that constantly act this way never earn true respect from anyone

Dan’s movement, his overall presence is irritating after a while. Don’t get me wrong here I think everyone has a buddy or two like this, they are not the worst guys ever.

However you are reading this to build character and poise…..To learn how a man carries himself correct?

Now let’s take a look at Bobby. He is much more shy and quiet, not the worst thing ever I suppose. I can definitely say that I was more a Bobby in my younger days.

I missed out on more than a few good things because of it too.

Bobby walks in like a meager little puppy that isn’t sure where to go. His movement has no true purpose, he is cut off and blocked by everyone there.

  • He waits 30 minutes to get one drink and never says a word.
  • He is the “nice guy” he moves meagerly and without purpose.
  • He wants to talk to one girl he has eyes on but he is shy and holds back.
  • He projects that he is lacking confidence.
  • They both leave at the end of the night alone…….
  • Neither of them had a strong presence.

Carrying yourself like a man is about self confidence and how you project it

Having a confident and respectful presence is what a real man is to the core. This man knows and respects himself, along with others. If you can’t grasp this concept reading this article you will be nothing but a wannabe that will be worse than before.

Don’t be this guy.

Respecting others and being a genuinely good person comes easy to the real man

Carrying yourself well and having true confidence is the way a real man lives. Respecting others and being a genuinely good person comes easy to the real man. Thinking you are above everyone and sheer lack of respect for people does not make you respected. It makes you an asshole that has a loud, but weak presence.

mad formal executive man yelling at camera

How to carry yourself and build true presence.

A man that knows how to carry himself well walks with good posture and his chin up. He moves swift and with a purpose. This is why for some men everyone seems to move aside when they are going somewhere.

While others get blocked out like they don’t exist.

He is never too nice no matter what the situation is, he is fair and sticks to his true core morals no matter what. He respects those around him and will go out of his way to help someone that is in need.

When he walks into a room he is confident and warm.

Think of a mix between Dan and Bobby. This man is not shy but not irritating at the same time. He projects respect for himself and others.

How to start building presence

I like to use a little mind trick on myself from time to time.

The next time you walk into a room or anywhere social pretend you own the entire building. This helps shy types realize that they are just as important as anyone there, you belong and so does everyone else there.

Too many men carry themselves like they are in the way at a social environment.

You are just as valuable as anyone one there and you need to never lose sight of that, the second you do you start to portray lack of confidence. People smell that like wild dogs, you have no presence, you’re just there at that point.

Realize today that you are a man just as important as anyone else. You have the responsibility as a man to take control of your life and stop floating through, unheard and pushed to the back.

Wrapping it all up

  • Carry yourself like a man. Respect yourself and others, own the room with your chin up and your mind focused.
  • Move with a swift purpose when needed, show the world you are a busy man.
  • Look people in the eyes and stand by your word.
  • Take no shit, give no shit, be helpful and genuine.
  • Stand by your core morals and listen more than you speak. When you do speak your words have much more meaning and power.
  • When it’s your time to project your ideas NEVER let someone rudely talk over you.
  • Stop being told what needs to be done at work. Just do it!
  • Take care of yourself and others, remember to always move with a purpose in life. Dragging feet and wondering what just happened is not the tell tale trait of the successful man.
  • Know your strength and your weakness and own them. Take care of people and things without being told.

Do what’s right.

This is how you carry yourself like a man.



2 thoughts on “How to carry yourself like a respected man

  1. Show me a man with purpose and direction, I will also show you a real man. The makeup of a real man is in his purpose and direction. With clear direction, you can walk tall and not be intimidated by anyone. Self-confident is always the product of a purpose-driven man. Without purpose, you will be pulled everywhere by everybody. So it is important you get busy 

    1. Purpose and direction are what makes the man….You could not have said it better. It is impossible to attain true success without it…..The first step to being a successful man is knowing how to carry yourself, to an absolute destination.

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