Being scared to move in life costs you more than you think.

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One major hurdle people must overcome is to stop being scared their whole life.

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This is what our mind screams at us sometimes!

Fear is something that some guys have control of naturally. They can control that fear of failing and still make the moves needed in a given situation to succeed.

Most of us have that nagging fear that stops us in our tracks sometimes. Learning to deal with this can mean the difference between landing that dream job, or approaching that girl you would love to start a relationship with.

Not Here, Let’s Get A Handle On This Now

Not later, not today, right now.

Guys, we really need to work on this so we can break out of the shell and go out, kick ass, and get what we want.

Fear is a crippling and success eating bastard, there is no use for it in the arena of life long success.

People that want more out of life must understand and apply the characteristics of a confident and driven person. This requires fear to take a back seat and be controlled.

I myself have dealt with this menace for the majority of my life and probably always will to some extent like many others.

The key is not to eliminate fear all together, it is to control fear and stop it from holding you back.

I remember when I was a kid, we had just built a nice ramp to launch our bikes off of and I was up next.

I built up as much speed as I could but right before I hit that sucker fear took over.

I tried to slow up in vain right before show time and guess what? I hesitated and ate some nice dirt road for lunch.

You see that hesitation is a by product of the fear we all face from time to time.

It causes you to crash hard, whether on your bike or more important things in life. Anytime you hold back solely because of fear you are cutting your potential and will never truly be happy.

How could you be? You are not running your life, fear is.

A Strong And Confident Man Knows His Business and Makes Choices Off Of Facts, Not Fear

This man knows what he is, and isn’t capable of getting done. Sure he is nervous, but he does not let that drive his choices. He decides on what he can and can’t judge correctly then makes his move.

This not only makes him better overall, it also builds true character. Your brain will always try to protect you from anything that will cause stress.

Check out my article >HERE< to read up more on that subject.

Is the man I’m talking about some type of immune cyborg that feels no fear at all? Of course not.

He is in fact a man that still feels the same fear we all do, but when the time for a move is in front of him he puts it on the back burner and puts his game face on.

This allows him to make choices that many people do not want to make simply out of fear they may be wrong in some way.

Think of how your life would be if fear ran it entirely. Would you have ever asked your wife or lady out for the first time?

Maybe you would never get that new job because you were scared to show up to the interview?

Whatever you can think of for your situation think of it and be very aware of it at all times.

Start looking at your fears and what they cost you

Take out a notepad and write out a few times in your life when you missed an opportunity or anything good that you would have gained if you controlled that fear telling you to stop, or be quiet.

Definitely use some common sense here. If you were to scared to drink the cool aid with some weird dude in the desert back in the day, you can thank fear for saving your ass most likely.

I am talking about situations where you knew what you really could do and wanted to do it, but you bitched out when that fear filled voice in the back of your head told you to stop.

List them out…

Some of these things you have thought of are pretty ridiculous right?

Guess what, there are a ton of smaller things that fear does stop you from doing that you are probably unaware of.

My entire goal in this article is to wake you up to some possible fears that are stopping you from attaining what you want and deserve out of life.

What are some kinds of fear?

There are many different kinds of fear but a few of the main ones are as follows.

  • Fear of failure
  • Social fear
  • Fear of death
  • Fear of poverty

We will start at the top and work our way down.

# 1 Fear of failure

Understand that failure does not exist

Failure does not exist.

Am I nuts? Well probably a little, but what is worse?

Living a life you are not happy with just because you are scared to push ahead. Or saying failure does not really exist.

If there is one line in this article that you take away it should be this…….

The Only Time You Fail Is When You Accept Failure

Temporary defeat is more of the term I like to use. This is not anything new and I did not come up with this term. You can read it in many places such as one of my favorite books, The 16 Laws of success.

Regardless of where it came from it is very true indeed. Think about all of the people that accomplished major world changing things in their life.

Do you really think they just had everything fall into place for them? Hell no, they hit every roadblock along the way.

Personally I know a few very wealthy and happy people that have flat out told me how they were scared shitless when they were building up their wealth.

They felt like giving up everyday, wondering if the life savings they invested was gone forever. Others had great ideas that they were scared to bring to the patent office.

They did it anyway…………. And that is what you need to do.

Fear killer lesson one?

“Learn from your defeats, but never leave the battle. Someone will walk over the remains of your dream on the way to theirs if you do.”



# 2 Social fear

This one is a great little bastard. It has choked me more times than I could count over the course of my life.

The fear of social disapproval is a very real issue so many of us have. This fear stems from core primitive programming that started from the earliest times when man started to form groups.

In those times if you were regarded as someone who did not conform with the tribe you were left for dead, or killed on the spot…..literally.

We all want to fit in and be part of the group, this is on a conscious and subconscious level. The problem here is when we let what others think dictate our lives.

If you have a pair of shoes that you love but everyone says they are ugly when you wear them the first time the vast majority of people will put them in the closet, never to be worn again.

brown and black leather work boots on brown surface
Nice Kicks!

Now lets say you have a dream to start a business or do some other big life change. How will people react? What will they think?

These are the last thoughts you need to be having at this point.

How are you supposed to reach your dreams when you are worried about what your miserable neighbor or cousin thinks?

Dump this mentality and realize this right now…..

Most people do not want you to succeed

Fear killer lesson #2

“The man that thinks he can let others make his life path for him, has no time to clear his own.”

# 3 Fear of death

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The fear of death can keep you so frozen in life that you never actually live.

Think about what people will say about you when you are gone. What you do here and now will dictate this answer, why not live while you are here?

You are going to die someday

You, me, everyone is going to die at some point. The best thing to do here is assess where you are now and think of what people will remember you by.

Accept the fact that everyone dies, regardless of your beliefs, I personally do not think it is the ultimate end.

Once you really accept the fact that death is part of the cycle….The bigger picture, you can free yourself from carrying the burden of constantly worrying about it.

Get your stuff together so you do not leave your loved ones with a mess, if you have a family get life insurance set up.

Then live, like good ole Rich says……… strive to improve.

Let it go, there is not a single thing you can do about it. When it’s time it’s time. Live right, push yourself to be the best and cross the unknown tired as hell because you have been kicking ass down here.

Fear killer #3

“Accept death and then strive to impress the people who you loved that have passed.”

#4 Fear of poverty

roll of american dollar banknotes tightened with band

This is a fear that was totally created by modern man. This fear of having nothing or losing your fortune.

It has driven many to do exactly that in many sneaky ways.

It is a waste of time and head space to worry about these things. With that said it’s damn hard not to.

One way to overcome this nasty bitch is to keep your mind filled with positive and encouraging information.

You are mainly what you think about

If you are constantly thinking about what you don’t have and complaining you will never have what it is you seek. Period.

Realize that you need to take responsibility for your own life. So many times I hear people talk like they expect some guide to walk them to success and riches.

When they don’t get them they complain and feel shorted.

This thought pattern is beyond toxic and will never bring you success, no matter how hard you try.

If you want to make more and have more you need to DO more. The road to riches is not some secret map only held by the 1%. It is available to each and every one of us.

Anything you set your mind too and work towards with everything you have will come to pass, within reason of course.

Stop making excuses or complaining about what your neighbor has. If you had the mindset and outright iron will to get what you want, you would have passed them out a long time ago.

The problem is when people “think” they have iron will, but in reality it’s half will at best.

Train your mind to focus and put your goals before anything else……..I know hard right! But that is the formula.

The bigger the goal, the bigger the sacrifice needs to be

You want to start a business for example. Are you willing to miss time with your wife and kids?

Stay up all night after working a ten hour day?

These are all things that may need to happen for you to attain the position in life you want.

Where to next?

I truly hope this article puts some things into a clearer perspective for you. It is not easy to put aside all of our fears and just say you won’t let it get to you.

Fear is a natural and totally normal part of being human. It keeps us safe and alive. The fears we all face are very real but I am here to tell you that you can, and will accomplish more in life if you learn how to get a firm handle on fear and keep it where it belongs.

I encourage you to write down any of your feelings regarding some major thing in your life that has been eluding you.

Take the time to analyze yourself and decide whether there is something holding you back that is indeed a true obstacle.

Such as something that needs to get worked through first before you can leap.

If there is, make the choice and get at it. Time waits for no one. Give it everything using hard work and confidence.

Let confidence drive the ship, never go at anything major scared, it simply does not work.

Know yourself, know what you can and can’t do. Once you do get out there and get it. NO FEAR! just good choices and hard work.

We all are temporarily defeated from time to time but that is just it, temporary.

The game is never over until you give up and clock out.

We both still have work to do.

Thanks for reading please comment and share!

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