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Goals drive success, without goals we are just floating along hoping we end up somewhere decent. It’s time to get some goals set in stone so we can live the best life, the life we deserve.

What is the definition of a goal?

1: the end toward which effort is directed 

Sounds like something that makes sense, hell even smart. The truth is we all put effort into something in our lives. It really just comes down to what.

If you want to improve your life and yourself you need some kick ass goals that will show you the light at the end of the tunnel. It is very hard if not impossible to accomplish anything worthwhile unless you have a set destination, a goal.

When effort is targeted on a specific dream. That’s when you have yourself a goal. You are no longer floating around in space. You become the unstoppable man on a mission to greatness.

julius caesar marble statue showing mans quest for greatness

Unless you can focus and do what it takes to achieve your desired outcome your efforts are diluted and will whither away fast.

I’m here to help and start you out with some goals I believe should be on every man’s radar, some are fun, others are more serious.

You may resonate with some and not with others. Either way my goal in this article is to give you a few ideas that may change your life for the better. Enjoy.

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1. Build up a better body

Regardless of where you are now physically, desiring to be fitter, leaner, and stronger is never a bad thing. If you don’t already, get to the gym. Join support groups focused on fitness. Whatever it takes to step up your fitness game. Try my 45 minute workout

2. Eat cleaner

Food is your fuel, if you constantly put crap fuel into your body many aspects of your life will suffer. Everything from overall health to mental clarity. Set a goal to start eating more vegetables and fruits, eat only well balanced and healthy foods. Start with a couple days a week and work up.

3. Stop drinking alcohol for thirty days

two persons holding drinking glasses filled with beer

Man this one is tough, but with the right mindset you will make it through and not really miss drinking too much. I have personally done this one a few times over the years, you will feel like a different person.

4. Learn to play guitar

Come on, everyone loves guitar! Learning and playing any instrument requires discipline and a quick mind. Two very good traits to build up.

5. Go and see your family more

Take the time to go see relatives that you haven’t seen in a while. Reconnect and let them know you give a crap about them.

This means a ton to a lot of older people in your life. Make them feel good, take some time and go see them.

6. Learn to brew beer

This one is awesome, I know it kind of goes against #3, but hey you don’t have to drink it, let your buddies try it out. This one is a great conversation starter.

7. Learn to light a fire with just sticks, no matches

ash blaze bonfire burn

Yeah, there isn’t much that screams I’m the man! more than this.

8. Donate more than you can really afford

Give to someone who really needs it, even if you are a little light in the wallet after for a bit. The wheel of life will reward you someday.

9. Learn a different language

Expand your vocabulary. Learn and become more interesting in conversation. A second language is a great asset.

10. Get your own style down

Find a style that suits you and stick with it. A seasoned man knows what he likes and doesn’t follow every new fashion trend.

11. Ditch debt

man is handing over credit card to stop using it

Cut up credit cards and get your finances under control. Debt is a noose around the neck of your success. Eliminate it ASAP.

12. Stop being too nice to everyone

I don’t mean stop being nice, I mean stop being too nice and let people that can care less about you walk on your neck. I wrote a more in depth article on this, found here: Are you too nice?

13. Take walks at least once a week

This clears the mind and allows you to reconnect with yourself.

14. Stretch in the morning

Stretching will do wonders for your mind and body. This one will improve your quality of life 100%

15. Wake up early

Waking up early has been proven to do nothing but make people more productive and happier. Seriously this one is key.

16. Read more

Reading is the way to knowledge and wisdom. Read as much as you can!

If it’s hard to find time to sit down consider trying an audible book so you can listen on the go.

17. Talk less

When we are talking, we are not listening. If you are a big talker try to listen more to people in conversations. You may pick up some key knowledge that can really give you insights on a particular subject.

18. Talk more

Yeah I know, I just told you to shut up and now I’m saying talk. If you are the quiet type this one is for you. Make it a point to talk more and get your views across more. Again just like #17 you may open doors to opportunities and friendships.

19. Keep your car cleaner

Nothing says I take care of things to a woman like a clean car. Especially on a first date. Get to it at least once a week and make your ride shine!

20. Learn to cook well

A man that cooks well is a step above the rest of the pack in the dating world. Married guys probably don’t wanna hear this one but you young guys on the prowl, learn how to cook.

21. Teach someone who is starting out

There is always someone that is coming up through where you have already been. Whether its a nephew or niece, younger kid at work, whatever. Take some time to guide and teach these people what you can. Remember what it was like when you were in their shoes, teach don’t preach.

22. Drink more water

This goes without saying, water is life. Too many good things to list here, just make it a point to drink more water everyday.

23. Find your true passion

If you are at the point where you still have not found your true life’s passion, make it a point to find out what really drives and excites you.

24. Live in the now

This is very hard to do, I continually struggle to try and keep this one pinned down. Make a conscious effort to be aware of the now. The moment you think about something you need to do or some past event you are not living in the now. There is no time like right now.

25. Cultivate the savings habit

Start to put more of your pay away in a savings account. Follow the advice in the book. The richest man in Babylon to get your start on this.

26. Put down social media

Get off of the social media and go for a hike or meet up with a good friend to have a beer or lunch. Get away from the digital toxicity for a few days a week.

27. Learn to consume less

Make it a goal to consume less of everything, leave a smaller footprint on the world and become more efficient with the things you use and waste less.

28. Make a will

No one wants to talk about dying but its important, especially if you have a family. Set up everything that needs to be set up if you don’t come home. Set the goal of leaving your loved ones without burdens if you die.

29. Step your game up at work or in your business

Make a goal to be more productive at work, don’t do it for your company or boss. Do it to push yourself to be better. You won’t believe how much this builds up your skills and makes you much more valuable in the work force.

30. Be a better man

Wow, are we at 30 already? Well I guess the last one needs to be the best one.

Number 30 represents the goal of being an overall better man and person. Taking the time to help others and guide those around you that need direction. Having integrity and poise, this is what makes the man.

Everyone forgets a selfish asshole but no one forgets a real man when he passes. He leaves behind memories and stories that far outlive him.

Have the goal of always being there when the people you love need you. Work hard and carve your name into the fabric of the universe.

Success comes to the man who truly wants to be better, not for himself, but for the people he touches throughout his life.

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