How Guarding Your Mind Builds Success

Your mind creates your reality.

Everything you see, smell, taste, feel, love, and hate stems from your own mind.

Make no mistake, the path to success requires you to keep your mind clear, sharp, and free of negative distractions.

The man that leaves his mind unguarded to anything that enters, without paying attention to how it affects his life has lost a fundamental trait of success.

What you need to know and accept is, what you let in and out of your head matters...big time.

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Why Guarding your mind matters

Success requires a man to interact in harmony with others.

There is no way to achieve true success without enlightening the lives of others along the way.

Perhaps a man can try to fool nature by dismissing this fact.

The fight is in vain however, it’s simply not possible.

A man that’s far from deserving may very well get “rich” However he will never be truly successful.

Let’s break it down

Your mind is the most valuable thing you will ever possess.

This is undeniable fact.

The things you let into your mind dictate your life. It matters how you react to a situation more than the situation itself. This is why paying attention to what you let in and out of your head is so important.

This is critical to not just success, but overall happiness.

“Guarding your mind” explained

Guarding your mind simply means you are not letting people or situations drive your emotions and reactions.

In this article I want to explain this law of success that many people unknowingly neglect. It costs man far more than we can calculate accurately.

I would be confident saying after you read this you will be set up better than 95% of people on your road to a happy and successful life.

Pretty big claim I know…put me to the test and read on.

First and foremost one must realize that a man’s mind is the only thing that he has full absolute control over.

Even people with mental health issues have some degree of control.

Let that sink in…

The only thing you have absolute and full control over is your own mind.

Your reality is dictated by what you let in and how you perceive every situation that comes your way.

Let me ask you a question…

If you had a huge safe filled with gold would you leave it out in the middle of a city unlocked?

Of course not, who would do that?

Who would leave everything they have unlocked?

We protect gold more than ourselves sometimes, listen… it’s time to recenter and remember that you, your mind is the most important thing you will ever own.

His own mind…

I can assure you that the majority of men walk around with a door unlocked that holds one million times the value of a safe of gold.

That wide open door in the city, letting in whatever crap comes it’s way.

This my friends is the mind, the human mind.

A man that does not guard the front door of his mind has not the full success he could have, no matter if he is famous, nice, rich , or whatever you may call success.

This is why guarding your thoughts is so important.

Why this matters for your success….

Think of how many people you have heard about that seem to have it all, material things, family etc… but are still grossly unhappy? No matter what they do they just cant seem to ever do enough, be enough in their own mind.

People that can not control the way other people and situations drive their emotions usually lose it all at some point. Whether it’s their sanity or their fortune.

Take an example: Let’s say a man has a dream of starting his own business. He has a plan and knows exactly what he wants to do.

One day he reveals his plan to friends and family, one person he looks up to says it’s a crazy idea that could never work.

The average man will take this one person’s opinion and let it settle into the foundation of his being.

This may not seem to affect him much, make no mistake however, it is hindering his true potential.

A man that has mastered his mind

This man takes in the thought and uses it… simply to assess the situation.

Sure this is a negative thought, however there may be weight to the statement.

The wiser man immediately takes the input directly over to the reasoning part of his mind before setting any opinions on the matter.

He doesn’t write the situation off. He takes the facts for just what it is, fact.

The fool

This man allows this thought to stroll right through the iron gate of his conscious like a spring breeze, without thought or analysis.

None the less….. It’s gotten deep into his head …

This is where the toxic thoughts start to slowly leach you of energy.

The cost can be huge.

He has let an intruder in….One that will slowly eat away at his dreams if allowed.

He lets every thought into the executive office of his brain without going through security first.

The truth?

Every time you let a person or situation control your emotions and reactions you have dropped the guard at the front door of your mind.

You have lost control …

Start guarding your mind from garbage!

This all sounds boring, believe me, I know. The costs of not understanding this principal are real however.

People and things are affecting your perception of the entire day.


Left unchecked this leads to less success and much more stress.

Here’s some ways to tighten up YOUR security

1. Know when to lock the door….

The next time you get into a situation that is upsetting, remember this article and consciously remind yourself that you are letting something external change your mood.

This one tip works wonders when applied. The next time some idiot cuts you off and gives you the finger you will be pissed.

You will understand that this dumbass is not allowed to control a single one of your emotions.

He may be outside but he can never get into the driver’s seat….Not even for a split second.

He is a fleeing thought that is placed in the trash before he even gets close to the door.

2. Focus on what’s really important…

Find your chief aim in life and internalize what steps you need to take to get there.

Gain a full understanding of how you need to act and think to be that version of yourself.

When you know how the person you want to be thinks, it will become very clear when some outside influence is driving you off course.

3. Stay the course…

Guarding your thoughts is not something that is easy, not for anyone. It is hard to do consistently.

There are plenty of situations that will test your ability to control your thoughts.

Take the pledge to stop letting your emotions be driven by outside people or things that are negative and non productive. Stay the course, after all it is your goal, your dream.

Overtime you will find the things that used to bother and distract you simply don’t anymore.

That invaluable iron gate is watching the door, stopping all doubt and negative distractions from distracting the positive work being done.

Wrapping up

Here’s the thing…Guarding your mind is simply knowing what to let in and what to leave out. It’s hard to do, once you know how important it is however, you start to realize what things are really not that important in the grand scheme of things.

Success takes work and dedication, any successful man that I’ve ever talked to on the subject knows where they are going in life, and what needs to be done to get there.

They realize that hearsay, insults, and negative influence serve no real purpose towards their happiness.

Life can be tough or easy depending on what you let into the captain’s seat called your mind.

Guard what you let into your head, leave the bs outside where it belongs. Understand that your ego is always trying to prove a point. This is what causes us to get pissed or upset 90% of the time.

We just wanna be right or prove something that we feel is right. The problem is it distracts from staying focused on what we need to do to reach our goals.

Stop letting ego run the ship, set up your guard and give him specific instructions on who and what to let in.

Stay focused and get after it…I’m working along with you, it’s indeed a process that is never fully mastered, but once understood it can be a real life changer.

All the best. Thank you for reading, comment and subscribe!

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