How to build and keep wealth


That green paper we all desperately try to stuff our wallets with.


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My million dollar conversation….

Money can be quite elusive this day in age. Today more than ever it’s important to get our finances under control. This obviously includes saving and making wise choices along the way.

Make no mistake though, there is a lot more to life than money alone.

Let’s take a deeper look into finances and lifelong success.

Depending on your situation of course, you definitely have a responsibility to keep your family fed.

Or maybe you don’t have a family and you are living alone, you should still be pushing to improve your financial stance.

This means having some cushion between you and bankruptcy.

Let’s look at the mindset needed to succeed in wealth creation.

And some ways to save and use money as a tool…..

Money is nothing but a tool. That’s right! I said it. Many years ago I was told this and it has always stuck in my mind like a quarter in a vending machine.

The million dollar talk……..

Sitting there listening to a very wealthy man whom I had met through family is where I got my first real lesson on money and success.

I had asked him if he can give me any tips about money, mainly the stock market hoping to get some info that would make me as rich as him overnight.

He was more than happy to, we sat in his office and started chatting…..

“Money is a tool, it is a tool used to buy time and make more money.”

These were the first words out of his mouth. I sat there like a deer in headlights as I desperately tried to look like I had a clue what he meant.

He must have saw the gears turning in my head like a poorly maintained machine about to blow up and scatter parts everywhere.

He then proceeded to give me one of the best lessons I could have ever gotten about wealth……

Here is what I learned that day

Anyone that has acquired wealth has the same main principals about how they handle their finances.

You see when money is used and handled properly it can be a army of little bills working for you day and night. Wanna know how to really deal with your finances?? ………Read on….

Pay yourself first:

When you get payed, or acquire and kind of money the very first thing to do is pay yourself first. Do not spend a cent until you pay yourself.

Minimum should be no less that 10% of your pay. This means if you have $1000 you take $100 and put it away. This will immediately start to build up an account for emergencies.

Do this for a couple of weeks and you won’t be flipping out when your car breaks down and your mechanic hands you a $500 dollar bill.

Just this alone will make your life so much less stressful. I used to have a fun way to do this when I was younger. Every time you cash a check have the bank teller give you 100 singles in a strap. For me it used to be 50.

This has a two part effect….

  1. You are less likely to spend it because its in those nice straps.
  2. You can watch the stacks pile up.

After a while you start to feel like Tony Montana with all of those stacks of cash, (hopefully without the massive pile of coke.) So what if they are singles, it’s still cash. Have some fun with it.

Make no mistake this idea does work. Build up stack after stack, then start trading in the ones for stacks of fives, tens, twenties, and so on, you get the point.

Stick with this and you will have some serious cash in the safe in a relatively short time……What to do next?….This brings me to my next lesson.


“You are pretty smart, but you need patience.”

This was exactly what I was told next.

Sitting there humbled I thought to myself……..What does he know …….I am patient!

Everything in this age is fast paced, people want it and they want it NOW! Maybe this can explain the debt that is crippling America. Not only us consumers, but our own government as well.

Here I was sitting there like a bull ready to charge the gates, how much here, what about putting some here. I was expecting the perfect answer that would give me the stock I needed to be rich.

“What about leaving it where it is?”

Whaaaaaaat!! That’s not the answer I wanted. This thought tore through my head like a freight train…..I had already made some small investments in decent stocks. Of course when I looked at my portfolio I was shocked that I was not a millionaire overnight.

“Shitty stocks I thought.”

The real issue is I lacked, and still lack at times the sheer discipline required to accumulate wealth. I encourage you to find someone that is successful financially and ask them for advice on the matter I can almost say for sure they will have a similar outlook.

Of course you need to know this person well enough to ask for such a meeting but, if you have the opportunity ask! This can very well be one of the best conversations you will ever have in your life.

People that have built wealth and success from nothing know that it takes patience and discipline to make it happen. This is where many fall short…Including yours truly.

Im not going to tell you how to invest in this article. What I do want to get across is the idea that investing is just that INVESTING not GAMBLING.

You need to have patience to let your money grow, and you need the discipline to save enough to invest in the first place……moving on…

Understand what success actually is

Money , money , money !!! Success right?

One thing to touch on is this. If you revolve your whole life around accumulating money, you will never be truly successful.

One of my favorite books of all time is by Napoleon Hill, he has written many books but the 16 Laws of success is the best.

I highly recommend this book to anyone looking to become successful and a better person in general.

It is old school no doubt, and a little dry for this day in age, be aware of that. However the lessons learned are priceless.

Success is defined by many things besides money. Sure money is important but think of this. You land a great job or start a crazy profitable business, all is well right?

Financially yes, but take a second to realize. This game of life is about much more than how much cash you have.

“There is truly something wrong with the man that comes home and is not warmly greeted by his wife and kids.”

Money is important, but not everything.

I believe the first step to wealth and success is realizing that wealth comes in many forms. Don’t get me wrong here, there is nothing wrong with wanting more money. As long as you don’t revolve your entire life around that alone.

Anything that is worth having does cost you something in one form or another. Whether it be time, focus, health, etc. Every good thing takes some form of work to achieve.

You need to work, you need to give it everything you have, you need to do all of this while balancing your life. This is not an easy task go out and get it, no excuse but remember along the way……..

Make sure to remember the truly important things and don’t forget them in the process.

Sometimes we get so caught up with trying to succeed for our family we unknowingly put them last.

Don’t be this guy. Lets move on to mindset……….

Lose the money “guilt”

Money guilt …..What the hell is that ? Whether you realize it or not the people that acquire large amounts of money do not think like the average Joe in a lot of areas.

How many times have you heard people say ” Money is the root of all evil” or maybe ” I don’t want to be like some rich prick.” Many of us have this idea in our subconscious that the pursuit of money or having large amounts of it is bad.

There is nothing wrong with wanting money. Money will make you more of what you really are inside.

If you are a complete asshole you will be an even bigger asshole super rich. If you are a good person money will make you a better person.

Remember this ……The root of all evil is not money, it is the LOVE of money.

Love your family and friends…….and equally as important love Yourself

Money is great of course, just don’t love it too much or you will become an empty shell.


“The borrower is slave to the lender”

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Debt is like a noose slowly tightening around your neck until you can barely breathe. It robs you of time and life, it truly is terrible.

Now don’t get me wrong here, there are different kinds of debt some worse that others, but make no mistake none of it is truly “good.”

Can you build wealth using “good debt?” Of course, but always remember that any debt, at it’s root is just that ….Debt.

Credit cards need to go. I do not care if they give you points, gifts or the damn fountain of youth…..Ok if they give you the last one call me and I’ll charge the hell out of everything that comes my way.

If you want true wealth it comes with time, discipline, and small wise choices made over time. There is no secret here. You need to have the mindset of go out and get it……..Then save part of it and invest the rest.

Check out my post on more tips for mindset >>HERE<<

Look at debt like an enemy, kill it at all costs. You need to think like your grandparents here just for a bit.

They lived through some events that made them really value the dollar.

Our generation is now living through it’s own sort of situation where many people are realizing they don’t have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of. It’s time to get back to the old school ways of handling money.

Spend and enjoy but at the same time act wisely, ditch the debt.

“Pay yourself first”…….. “No matter what”

Understand the “Hustle”

“My boss is a dick. He has all this money but I know more than him.”

Have you heard this before ? I can almost guarantee you have at some point.

We as humans are always looking at outcomes more than the process ….. “Hustle.”

People that have built up and run their own business have done so with very hard work. That “dick” probably stayed up until 3 AM for months, even years to attain that level.

What about the stress of overhead, employees, taxes, etc. Putting out fires all day……Then watching your employees leave for the day and getting right back to it for hours more.

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Coming home quiet so you don’t wake your family…..that is hustle..

Doing whatever it takes. Many people just see the end result, a successful business, nice car, whatever. The fact is that person put in some serious “hustle” and endured the stress that most people run away from.

Granted there are cases where someone just “gets lucky” but these are very rare.

“Do you realize, that if your boss didn’t think like they do, you wouldn’t have a job.”

This hit me hard, and it is true. Think about it and it really sinks in. Many people talk about the big money earners of the world like they are some terrible people.

  • Elon Musk
  • Jeff Bezos
  • Bill Gates

These are some modern day examples……. How about…….

  • Henry Ford
  • Andrew Carnegie

From the days of old…

Say what you want about these and other people that have attained huge success. The attitude that these people are all bad is just plain arrogant.

Many of the items we take for granted were created by the same people that many people call greedy or too rich without realizing people with that kind of hustle mentality and mindset are essential for the growth of us all.

Many times these people are not so far from average, they just have the hustle mindset, the kind of drive that can’t be stopped no matter what.

Learn from them, don’t hate them for what they have.

Have your own million dollar conversation with yourself. Ditch debt, stop looking at what everyone else has. Go get it!

Get your mind right, invest, make wise choices, practice discipline……..enjoy your life.

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