How To Move Up In Life: The Importance Of Value

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Wishing life consisted of more money, passion, success, and happiness is a normal trait that we all carry as humans. Many people will ask the question of how to move up in life but will not understand that a price needs to be payed to attain success.

There is one word that will make the difference between financial success and just floating through life.


If your looking for the answer on how to move up in life, this single simple word is where to start.

Forget the get rich! Be successful overnight schemes found everywhere online. You need the foundation first.

Value is needed to build your foundation, value is the brick and mortar. You are in a losing battle if you do not understand or ignore the principals here.

Achieving true success without bringing some sort of value to the world is next to impossible, no matter what anyone says.

Movin’ On Up…

We all want to move up in life in one form or another. Whether it be money, time, love, or just pure happiness. Many men however over look the simple things that are universal to success. One of these traits narrows down to one word… Value.

People are attracted to value, hands down. Provide value that is genuine your will succeed… Period.

The man that understands this has a true advantage over the rest of the pack.

How To Move Up In Life? Provide Value…

What is value and how to your apply it?

Having a genuine desire to truly help the world with the work your are to the hands of fate will reward your. Many people try to short change this reality looking for a quick score or one up in the game. They may get this, however it’s usually short-lived and not worth nearly what it could have been.

A man looking to succeed in any calling must first pay the dues required to attain the level of success he is looking for.

Value makes the foundation of any business or relationship. In dealing with people your must put yourself second when the time is right. Taking that extra step that others will not, or charging a little less while doing a better job is how a successful man is built.

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People will never discard value…

When was the last time your threw away something of value?

I am going to guess never… This same drive that causes your to hang on to something of value is the exact asset that a man should seek to earn from the people in his life.

Notice that I use the word EARN here. This is no joke, your simply can not fool people into thinking your are a true asset without proving your worth.

I don’t care if your run a business, or just want a better relationship with a significant other… You need to be valuable in one sense or another… Truly.

So many people go through life feeling like they are short-changed if they make a little less than the normal for a given job. In some respects this is very true, however there is a very big difference between being taken advantage of because your are too nice (as my article in the previous link goes over) Or bringing a little more value to a person that will pay more dividends in the end.

Success is not always the financial gain from one sole decision.

Nor is it treating your spouse perfectly one day….

One of my favorite books The Sixteen Laws Of Success The point is made very clear that this feeling…..

The feeling of being shorted for a job or action done well is one that will sabotage your success in the long run.

Examples Of Value…

Many people only think dollar signs when they talk success. Money is of course a big part of success in many cultures, however bringing value is much more universal than your may think.

  • Relationships

Provide your wife or girlfriend with the value of knowing that your are for them no matter what. Be where your say your are going to be, do what your say your are going to do. Be the man that brings value to the relationship.

What’s to be gained? A woman that will stand by you as well… through thick and thin.

  • Work

Doing a little more than what your are payed for will not last long. This is what will propel your to the top of the latter because the value your provide is very real. No smart boss or person in general for that matter can miss a man that does more that he is payed for.

The end result is promotion, if your are in a business that does not value what your are doing, it’s time to move on…. Either way your are better off.

  • Life

Friends, family, moms, dads, grandmas, bosses, teachers, wives, girlfriends….. All have one thing in common. They respect a person that does more and brings more positive value into their lives.

It is the way of the universe, a person that will go above and beyond to do a better job, be a better dad, stand by their word, teach and support others, and stamp the badge of reliable and valuable into their name will always come out a true success.

Final Thoughts On How To Move Up In Life…


Life is a journey. Navigated by a person with a true understanding of the importance of bringing value, life is a walk up the path to personal success. This path leads not only a man to success, but all the people he interacts with as well.

For other people it may not lead them to their success directly, but the success of making a good deal, or having a great friend weighs well on the minds of all people.

A man must balance between being valuable and not being taken advantage of course, once this art is learned however success waits close around the corner. Throughout the history of man value has made the difference between the successful and the people with a hard face and a bad luck story.

I love the book The Sixteen Laws Of Success if your are on a quest for developing into true success. This book alone has made the difference in countless lives…. Including mine.

What this book will bring your is true value, like this article focuses on. It serves as a great example of how something with value can stand the test of time. Written in the 20s and still being recommended today by a man blogging in hopes of making lives better. There is not much else to say here.


Getting ahead in life is simple…

However like many things that are simple it can be very hard.

Start with these core principles, stop feeling underpaid if your need to work more. A man that does more to produce work that is worth more always comes out on top.

The world has a way of finding these people and rewards them…

Focus on bringing value to any situation your are in

  • Be where your say your will be
  • Show up on time
  • Stand by your word and morals….

    This is how to move up in life.
  • Thank your for reading!

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