How to Stay Calm, Cool, and Collected in Stressful Situations

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The real secret to success and happiness in life boils down to how we react to any given situation. Everyone wants to be calm, cool, and collected but life has a way of testing us. The reality is you and only YOU can train yourself to stay calm cool and collected no matter what the situation.

The man that masters this will always stand out among the rest.

What many people get mixed up is the sheer fact that every time you flip out you lose power. The man that lacks the self-control required to stay calm in a stressful situation will always be fighting an uphill battle with life.

Some very good advice I once received was the old phrase “The king rides the calmest elephant.”

The man that told me this happens to be wildly successful, not only in money…but life as well. He is a family member that is very calm and cool all of the time. He has control over his emotions even in the stressful situations he constantly encounters.

How to start being calm cool and collected…

The very first thing to being the calm cool collected guy you want to be is to realize is that you only get upset when you allow something to take control of your emotions. Anytime you allow something to take away your focus enough to break your cool you show your cards…You lose power.

Everyone wants to be heard and we all want to tell someone where to stick it when they are doing something that pisses us off, however how many times does the situation matter that much in hindsight?

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It is hard to keep calm when a situation is pushing buttons. I have plenty of my own situations where I should read my own articles from time to time. It’s just not easy to see the big picture all of the time.

One way to really start being much more calm cool and collected is to think of your definite chief aim. When you have a definite purpose and direction it’s much easier to see the bigger picture. You stay in control and calm simply because you have more important things on your mind that are actually beneficial.

One of my favorite books touches on many of the things covered in this entire site. The sixteen laws of Success, written by Napoleon Hill really drives the importance of a definite chief aim home.

I highly recommend getting this book asap, my preference is the audio version but anyway you can get it, just get it, and you will take something from it. Check out Audible with this risk-free trial today.

The Way To Success And Overall Happiness Starts With Having This Aim.

When you know your goals and your vision it’s easier to stay calm in any situation because you realize that what you want requires a certain mindset. If you fly off the handle over every little thing that mindset is lost.

Remind yourself of this anytime you are feeling like going off on someone.

Success requires a calm mind…

Anyone that has put in the work to acquire success has dealt with all kinds of stress and BS that comes with having the coveted title of their personal success.

Take marriage for instance…It is not always easy to be married it takes a lot of work to keep your marriage strong. Being calm and collected in your own mind will help in many ways to keep you and your spouse happy. The situations and problems that come up will be easy to navigate when you can look at them through a clear and precise lens.

Being A Calm cool collected Man Does Not Take Rocket Science…

It takes a man that knows what he wants out of life…Plus a man that is disciplined in his own mind enough to realize that outside influence from negative people and situations will hinder his progress towards the main goal. This is the foundation of the calm cool and collected man.

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