Do you really know what you want out of life?

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Some of the best advice I have ever gotten is found in these words…

“Know what you want, then go after it like a pitbull.”

For many men however the hard part is simply knowing what we truly want in life.

Sounds stupid but it is truth, many people do not know what they really want out of their life. We go through the motions of life and many times become quite successful.

That feeling though is very hard to shake…..You know the one, lying awake in bed going over countless opportunities, visualizing what you have to do to get there in your mind over and over again.

This is great don’t get me wrong, the problem lies when we become scattered in our thoughts. The same idea you were so excited about last night is no more.

Over and over again until you come back to the first, you realize that you have accomplished nothing besides stroking your ego for months.

Nothing has physically gotten done.

At this stage you are nothing but a dreamer.

I spent countless months doing just this. Idea after idea to start a business, make money, get in the best shape ever etc.

One day however I realized that I was not a single step further along in the real world.

Ouch……The reality hit like a cannon pointed at my balls.

I had started all kinds of projects in my mind, business, or maybe ill do this then this, or that…….You get the point.

I was nothing but a dreamer

The point is this, you need to have focus…….laser intense focus if you want something major in your life to be reality.

This focus can not be dispersed all over the place, it must be targeted at one specific goal at a time.

This is why Knowing what you want is so important.

I’m not talking whether or not you want salad or steak.

I’m talking about knowing what you are willing to sacrifice anything to attain.

Many people I have talked to over the years will say the same thing…..

“Well I want a better life, and I’m willing to do whatever it takes to get it.”

Whatever it takes, ok now what?

You see what I mean here, whatever it takes only takes you so far if you have no clue what you want to work towards. The end result is this, you are just dreaming for a better life.

Knowing that goal. That one aim that you would sacrifice anything to attain is how laser focus is built…….and laser focus on one specific outcome takes you from dreamer to builder.

You must truly know what you want before you attack

Chasing success around is completely pointless if you yourself do not have a clue of what your version of success is.

You waste all of your laser focus beating yourself up for not being ??? Well you know richer I think?

Find your version of success, for many people it’s money. Others may want a family, a ripped body, etc……. Whatever it is you my friend need to find it now.

No more bullshit about what would be cool to get, or how one of these days you are gonna start that business.

If you are in limbo talking about three different endeavors you want, you subconsciously do not want any of them as bad as you think you do.

When you know to the core what will make you get out of bed in the morning motivated any happy these conversations stop in your head.

You are no longer a dreamer, you are a man that is hungry for that one thing…..So hungry you will do whatever it takes to attain it.

Know what you want like this article tells you…..Success waits for you close by.

Thanks for reading.

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