Letting go of something you love is sometimes necessary

We have all had situations in life where we would be much better off if we focused on letting go rather than clinging on.

Hoping there will be a lasting change is what sometimes keeps us trapped in a situation that is completely toxic, not only to our minds, but our bodies as well.

It is indeed human nature to want things and people in our lives. Many of these things make us happy and give us purpose. We count on these things to keep us motivated.

Think about it, if there was nothing in your life that you really wanted and desired you would be quite unhappy and unmotivated, Right?

What happens when those things you “love” start to affect your life in a negative way though?

Why is it that some people stay in certain mindsets or situations in life that are downright bad for them? Even when it’s clear that this person or activity is bad news we just can’t seem to cut the cord and let go.

I think we all know the reason it boils down to one thing…

Letting go of something you love is never easy.

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Sometimes we torture ourselves. Even when we know why we are so unhappy we still hang on.

It is truly amazing how the human brain works. We breathe, heal, eat, move, and live. All without having to think too much about it on a conscious level. Our noggins do a good job at all of this being alive stuff, however sometimes it can sabotage us a little.

When it comes to people and things your mind can sometimes be your worst enemy.

Your mind seeks comforts and reassurance. If the things that bring you comfort are a nasty girlfriend that treats you like crap. Or possibly an unhealthy addiction. You will stay in these toxic situations because, as bad as they are they exist inside of your comfort zone.

Until you step up and let go you will have these draining parasites in your life.

Your brain does not always differentiate the difference between good and bad situations when it comes to people and things. This is the reason people stay on drugs or constantly run back to a situation that is bad for them.

Even though they know it’s not good for them they can’t resist, they love the feeling of that one thing, toxic or not. It has become one of there “comforts.” They know it’s bad for their well being but continue coming back anyway.

Emotions and desires can sometimes cloud over our true feelings and needs if we are not careful. Left unchecked it can end up resulting in never ending negative forces in your life, plus heavy resentments, not only for other people but for yourself.

One of the best things you can do for yourself is to make a conscious effort to let go of toxic people and things that drag down your life and sap your energy.

Energy is truly priceless, why waste it on crap that does nothing but bring you down? Realize here and now that anytime you spend arguing or feeling aggravated because of the same person over and over again you are wasting the precious energy on something that brings nothing in return.

It’s like trying to empty the ocean with a glass, completely worthless.

beach dawn dusk ocean

Use the glass for a cold beer instead!

That wasted energy should be used to build up your arsenal of positive traits and actions so you can attain your true passions. Once you let go of the things that are holding you back, even though you may love them; you are free to live a happier and more meaningful life.

Where to start?

Ok, so now I’ve said my piece on why you should dump all of the crap out of your life. I realize that you have probably heard this all in one form or another. You may even know it to be true, but you still put up with the toxic crap anyway.

Whether its a toxic girlfriend, job, or drug it’s time to put your life on the front burner. Doing this will require you to put in some work and get some things into perspective.

First you must accept this wisdom.

Letting go of something you love is never easy, but remember this.
“Just because you love something it does not always mean that thing loves you back.”

It’s time to realize what your life’s toxic anchor is, and then smash it into a million miserable pieces.

First things first, we need to make a plan.

Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither were your relationships and behaviors. It’s going to take a little time to let some of these things go.

The fact that you are here reading this post indicates to me that you resonate with it. You may have something that drains you, either physically or emotionally.

The steps below are how to identify and decide once and for all what you are willing to keep in your life, or let go of forever.

  • Look at your life timeline.
  • Ask yourself if you would do it again the same way.
  • Make sure you are not the issue.
  • Decide what you would need to do to have what you really want.
  • Understand that you and only you are in control of your life and actions.
  • Take the necessary actions.

1. Look at your life timeline.

Take a minute to look back at how you were 5 or 10 years ago. Were you happier? What has changed in your life, how does that make you feel?

If you were happier and less drained, look at what’s changed in your life from then to now. Is it something that is a normal thing that all people have to deal with? Or is it a person or addiction that has slowly drained you? If you start to think about this from a different angle you may see that thing or person you “love” needs to go.

2. Ask yourself if you would do it the same way all over again.

If there is something that comes to mind that makes you uneasy or gives you feelings like, “I wish I never started drinking again” You may need to leave the beloved beers after work in the fridge and opt for an every once in a while beer.

I love beer, but as soon as I realized that it was stopping me from coming home and getting things done I stopped drinking a few a day. Now I get more done and think much clearer.

I asked myself, “would I have started drinking so much during the Covid 19 pandemic if I went back to when it first started. The answer was no.

It was holding me back, and I did not like that. I would have never started to drink that much again if I could go back.

My love for beer does not outweigh the love for getting things done and pushing to help you, my readers. I had to let it go, and I love beer.

It is kind of like the old saying, would you buy that same expensive item again if you could go back? If the answer is no you should have never bought it in the first place.

3. Make sure you are not the issue.

This pertains mainly to someone that is in a toxic relationship. Make sure you are not the toxic one. Be honest with yourself before you call the other person toxic. They may need to let YOU go. Learn yourself and be honest.

Is this person really toxic or are you just in a rut as a couple? You need to figure this one out for yourself. If you look at it from all angles and its not a rut. If you realize this person just beats down your mental game like a pinata, its time to let them go.

4. Decide what you would need to do to attain your best life.

If you are honest when thinking about this and a person or vice keeps rattling around in your head as something that adds to the pile of crap that makes you unhappy. It’s time to move on.

If you are always saying “man I need to stop smoking everyday, it’s not healthy but I like it.” Dump it and move on, whatever that thing that holds you back may be, it needs to go so you can make room for healthy and productive things.

5. Understand that you, and only you are in full control of your life.

If you always complain about how your girlfriend treats you like crap. Or how you can’t stop smoking weed even though you should because you love it, grow a set and let it go. Sometimes that’s the only way to see clearly and move forward. It’s your life, you are in control, no one else.

Learn how to be a captain, control only comes to those that take the wheel.

6. Take action!

There is not a better time than right now, and there will never be a time like right now. Let go of the things that drag down your life and hold you back. Remember that you are responsible for your own happiness.

No one else is.

My main goal in this article is to get you really digging deep into the things in your life that are not helping you, even holding you back. Letting go of a person or addiction you love is hard but remember if it’s in your best interest it is something you must do.

Once you drop these things you will be free to live your life without the burdens of bad habits or people. People that are good influences in your life will get more energy and attention they actually deserve from you.

You will focus more on improvement and success because that draining force is now gone for good.

Sometimes we become so comfortable and blinded over time we put up with things we shouldn’t from toxic people that just want to use up your energy. Some people use some vice such as drugs or alcohol to mask their true feelings.

I want the best for you, if you have a nagging feeling of wanting change take some time here and use these quick steps to really focus on what is bringing these sneaky feelings into your life.

You may realize that that person or thing you love is the cause of your feelings. If this is the case and the situation is a toxic one that requires a ton of your energy to try and fix it, let it go and move on.

It’s hard, maybe one of the hardest things you will ever do, either way do it and start to clean up the mental mess. Make room to bring in goals, love, and success.

You can not focus on negative things in one hand and climb the latter of success with the other at the same time.

This simply does not work, sometimes we need to clear the slate and focus on our own lives without the burden of toxic people and toxic habits.


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