10 life goals for men: Improve your life by working towards these key goals

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What are your goals?

This is one question you should definitely be asking yourself if you want to achieve success.

Without key goals no one could ever achieve success.

Without true direction your life is like a luxury yacht setting sail with no course at all.

Just aimlessly drifting wherever the ocean takes them.

Just drifting…….and….. drifting.

How could you ever attain any dream with this mindset?

Life without goals is no way to live….. even if it’s in the nicest sailboat ever.

Change your mindset ……..Change your life ……

The top 10 life goals for men.

  1. Achieve financial independence
  2. Leave something behind
  3. Build your best body
  4. Find your true passion
  5. Teach others
  6. Avoid debt
  7. Connect with your mind
  8. Stay humble
  9. Give
  10. Be remembered

What a list we have here!

Life is fast……

There really is a limited amount of time we have to live and achieve our dreams.

One thing I have learned as I get older is……….

If you put in the real time…..

Things start to happen…

It comes on slowly, but the world rewards persistent hard work…..


Not some half assed version of work.

You need to put in the time.

As you get older you get a little tired….It’s important to remember that if you put in the time, at some point it has to break……..Success will come.

Feel like it’s too late?

I’m here to tell you, it is never too late to get after it.

Young or old….. There is no good excuse for giving up on your goals.

If you have found yourself in a rut……. Many of us do from time to time.. Look over this list, try to relate with one or two of these items so you can get back to reality.

Stop acting like you are a special case, it took me some years to realize the fact that we are miniscule in the grand scheme of things.

I am not trying to insult you, I am as guilty as anyone.

Lets cut the bull and get after our happiest life shall we?

1. Achieve financial independence

This one is something that is pretty obvious. I can hear the droves of people that are screaming….”money is the root of all evil!”

How dare I include money in this list of goals.

The truth is this. The love of money is the root of all evil, not money itself. Like it or not its damn hard to make it this day and age without money.

Achieving financial independence is something that should be one of the top priorities on the man’s life agenda.

roll of american dollar banknotes tightened with bandbeing underpayed

Money is a tool, nothing more, nothing less…….There’s much more to life.

However, money is a tool that can…….. and will make your loved ones life better…..and your life better.

Note the fact I said financial independence, not gold and riches.

If you want gold and riches stacked to the brim that’s cool with me.

However what we are talking about here is being financially set so we have time to enjoy our lives, not leave burdens behind for our family when we go.

I don’t care what crap you want to say about money and how people that have it are evil.

Without money this world is a hard place. Without money you have very little choices and opportunity.

Money is a tool that buys time.

There is no quality time spent doing the important things because the stress of being broke weighs heavy on the mind.

If you don’t have a dime, you need to work all of the time to keep up.

It’s a place you don’t want to be in.

Money is a tool, nothing more or less.

You should have a set goal to get your finances in order. Set up a will and get life insurance if you have a family.

Don’t leave your family behind struggling to put you in the ground because you left them nothing.

Set up investments and start putting at least a tenth of every dollar you make in the bank.

Start there, I will cover this topic in much more detail soon. Just start getting going on getting things situated, don’t be that bum that has nothing and leaves behind stress. This brings me to the next goal…

2. Leave something behind

Want some reality? I’m going to die, so are you. Pretty morbid shit huh, deal with it, its reality.

Wow, was that necessary? Probably not but honesty is not always kind. We are all going to leave this earth at some point. The best thing we can do is leave something behind.

Anyone can die and be forgotten, strive to leave behind memories and things that will carry weight for generations to come.

I still remember hearing stories about my great grandparents. How they came to America and started a new life.

My great grandfather owned a grocery store, during the depression he fed people even if they could not pay all of the time. He was respected, when he died there were people in a very long line to say goodbyes.

That is what I mean when I say leave something behind. Be great at being you, leave good memories and stories in your wake for the ones you love.

3. Build your best body

Every man should put his body on the list of most important things to take care of in life. Make a goal to be in your best shape possible.

Workouts not only bring you overall health but your mental game will become sharper as well.

Start with just walking at night when you get home. If you already workout and want to take it up a notch check out my 45 minute workout. This one is sure to get the body in it’s best form.

man in gray tank top and blue shorts doing push up

Being a solid man comes down to really knowing yourself, part of knowing yourself comes when you know what you are physically able to do.

Get yourself healthy and strong. Too many reasons why to count, get on it.

4. Find your true passion

Do you know what your true passion is? Goals in life are never achieved by the man that does not even know what his goals are. Find what drives you forward.

You need to make it a point to get this figured out.

A man that has no passion, has no true direction. It is absolutely necessary to have a passion. I don’t care what it is just find it or you will never find true happiness.

It truly is amazing how many people float through life without taking the time to ask themselves what they really want.

Don’t be that guy, have a passion and direction will follow. Once you have direction you are on the road to your personal success.

5. Teach others

There is nothing better than passing along some life knowledge to the younger generation if they need it.

Teaching not only builds up character but it also makes you better at what you are teaching.

If you teach someone how to do something that you are also into, your mind will refine and hone all of what you are giving in your own mind.

It’s a win-win.

woman holding golf club near man

6. Avoid debt

Debt is a noose around the neck of your success. The best thing you can do is avoid it at all costs.

Get your finances straight, stop borrowing and using credit cards.

Get into the saving habit and focus on paying off what ever debts you may have now. Make it a point to stop using debt RIGHT NOW!

bank blur business buy

Cut em’ up now!

The borrower is slave to the lender, remember this knowledge. You are very held back if you owe too much money.

It stops you from having capital needed for investments and emergencies. You may have to pass up great opportunities because you simply have no cash on hand.

Why do this?

Get a handle on this one and never look back.

7. Connect with your mind

This one sounds crazy doesn’t it? Hear me out though, the man that attains any worthwhile goal in life must be in tune, not only with his surroundings but also with himself.

Take the time to spend a little time with just yourself. Take this time to connect with your thoughts and try to weed out the less important crap that slows you down.

This will have huge effects on your productivity and well being, trust me.

There is a way to do this correctly, comment below if you are feeling this and want a more in depth article on this subject.

Know thyself man……. know thyself

8. Stay humble

Who wants to deal with a nasty person? I know I don’t.

Part of success lies in the ability to stay humble and help those in need. Confidence is great to have, but never lose sight of the road you took to attain it.

Far too many men find great success and wealth and then dump all over the people around them. A true success is not only remembered by what they attain, it also comes down to how they treat people.

Stay humble and help humanity any way you can.

A man’s true value stems from how much value he brings to this world, never lose sight of this fact.

man in gray suit

Life is a large wheel that always comes back around.

When you stop being a genuinely humble person the wheel comes back around and takes what it has given you.

Treat everyone with respect and fairness, don’t take crap but don’t hand it out either.

9. Give back more

This one is similar to the one above.

Give back, you do not always need to score and come out on top. Life is so much more rewarding for the man that makes it a point to give back.

Helping people is the best thing you can do if you strive for success.

happy senior couple in love with flowers in forest

You can not build success without taking others with you. Remember the wheel, it will have more for you on the way back around if you give now.

This is the way the universe works.

Give more and take less, soon mother universe will give you more than you could have taken.

10. Always be remembered

This is the biggest goal that every man should have. We are only alive for a short period of time. What else should we focus on?

No nasty selfish man will ever be honored and remembered, the memory of people that lead a dishonest life fades as fast as their heartbeat.

What memories and stories are you going to leave behind when you go?

No one is perfect and we all make mistakes, living to leave behind laughter and good memories is what should be the last main focus of life.

Leave family and friends behind with the feeling of true respect for you as a person.

The man that is there for others gains respect by being honest, respectful, straight forward, and truly caring.

So it goes my friends, live to be remembered and missed for generations to come.

You ask what one of my main goals in life is?

Have a line of people out of the door to see me before I’m buried forever. People that will truly miss some kind of light I brought into their life in some small way.

Will I ever attain this goal? I guess I will never really know but I will always work towards this one.

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