The four best safety razors for beginners

Congratulations on taking the first step to become one of the elite. You are doing yourself a great favor by ditching those multiple blade pieces of junk that cost more and shave terribly. It’s time to start shaving like a man.

Say hello to the safety razor.

Shaving is indeed an art, you need to have the proper tools to get the best shave possible. The best place to start is with a good quality safety razor.

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In the days of old barbers used the straight razor and soap to provide their customers with a clean close shave. Straight razors are indeed awesome, however they are not exactly safe if placed in the wrong hands.

We are talking about a straight razor that is sharper than you could imagine running up your throat. It takes some skill, a steady hand and the proper angle. Done right it’s just one of those timeless things that most men, if given the option can’t resist.

Although the straight razor is used by many, it takes time and can really nick up that mug of yours while you are learning the skill.

In the really old days getting a cut could mean infection. This was way more serious in those times and could even have lead to death. We forget how lucky we are to have antibiotics in our day and age.

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1903 Gillette introduces the first system razor.

The safety razor provided men the option of shaving themselves, faster and safer than ever before. It feature a thin double edged replaceable blade that was easily removed from a sturdy metal handle.

This changed the game of shaving for men, it did not take Gillette very long to sell millions of these handles and blades.

In my humble opinion the best way to shave is with a single double sided blade in a good safety razor. If you are ready to ditch that terrible hundred blade gimmick piece of junk you drag across your poor face every morning read on.

Trust me, there is nothing better than a old school safety razor shave. It screams I AM MAN! Get on board and you will never look back. Stack on good soaps and aftershaves and you will look, smell, and be your best every morning.

I have four great safety razors for the beginner. Each one is highly rated and will get you shaving like a man in no time.

1. The Merkur Mk34c Double Edge Razor with Heavy Duty Short Handle

The Merkur Mk34c Double Edge Razor With its short Handle this razor is just beautiful to look at. The handle is shorter and controllable, while the heavy head gives you confidence and a really great feel.

There is nothing like shaving with a razor that feels heavy in the hand. It’s like shutting the car door of a Kia as opposed to a Mercedes. You just feel the difference in quality. This beauty is made in Germany and is highly regarded as one of the best entry level safety razors.

It features sturdy stainless construction that will last a long time.

Quite possibly the best thing about this razor is the price, they are relatively inexpensive and perform very well. I always love any product that has a fair price and will last a lifetime if treated well.

The heavy head does the work for you, all you have to do is hold at a 30 degree angle and keep it loaded with a sharp blade. The Merkur Mk34c will do the rest!

How does the Merkur Mk 34 c stack up?

Price and value

For the money there is not a much better safety razor out there, it’s German made and high quality yet affordable

Overall quality

It is built well and will last a very long time.


The razor is great for beginners, it glides and is not too aggressive. However the shorter handle can be a drawback for some.

2. Edwin Jagger Double Edge Safety Razor

One of the best looking razors on the market is easily the Edwin Jagger Double Edge Safety Razor

Another great safety razor at a decent price point for sure. Edwin Jagger is based in Sheffield England. These razors offer a very close shave and come with instructions and five blades to get you rolling.

Although not a heavy as the Merkur it may be a better option for those looking to spend a little less and still get decent quality. Although these razors look great and perform well there have been some cases of the chrome plating chipping off.

Not the end of the world but I need to give you the facts. It is not a expensive as some of the others on this list and is a great choice to get yourself accustomed to shaving right. The head is at just the right angle to keep you smooth and fresh.

How does it stack against the rest?

Price and value

At around $30 bucks it’s a great deal no question.

Overall quality

The one thing that gets a little under my skin is the reports of some losing the chrome to expose the zinc handle. However the price is great for what you get, this would not stop me from buying at all.


This razor is a good choice. The handle has been reported to be quite slick when wet at times so this may be an issue for some.

3. Parker 99R – Long Handle Heavyweight Butterfly Open Safety Razor

Perhaps my favorite in this list, the Parker 99R – Long Handle Heavyweight Butterfly Open Safety Razor touts a solid brass body that is plated with a durable chrome finish. This thing will last.

One of the best things about this safety razor is that it is designed to be heavy. To be honest I prefer heavy razors, not all men do so I suggest trying out a couple if you are unsure.

A 4 inch long handle with a knurled finish gives you non slip perfect control, a definite plus for the beginner. Another great thing for beginners here is the blade change. Changing blades is simple and effortless – simply twist the knob on the bottom of the razor to open the butterfly doors and drop in a new blade. It doesn’t get much easier than that guys!

This safety razor is very highly rated on Amazon for good reason.

How does the Parker stand with the others?

Price and value

Hard to beat I love it!

Overall quality


This safety razor checks all of my boxes, I am very impressed with the value here.

Solid brass with a four inch handle. All assembled by hand. Enough said.

4. VIKINGS BLADE The Vulcan Long Handle Double Edge Safety Razor (Neutrally Aggressive)

Ok this thing has a bad ass name and a bad ass look for sure. What a beauty! Now there is some things we need to consider here of course. I am reviewing safety razors for the beginner. With that said this razor is not full stainless steel.

I prefer stainless of course but at this price point this baby shines. The other great thing about this razor is that it comes with a beautiful case and A pack of Swedish 13C26 steel mild blades. One word here Christmas gift for dad or significant other.

This razor shaves smooth and is beautiful to boot. A top recommendation for a entry level safety razor that makes a perfect gift.

How does the VIKINGS BLADE The Vulcan Long Handle Double Edge Safety Razor stack up?

Price and value

With the luxury case and the blades included this is my choice for the perfect gift for men.

Overall quality


Very highly rated, this razor provides everything you need in a safety razor to get you started on getting a real shave.

Beautiful and functional, quality is great for the price.

I don’t believe any man would not love to get this as a gift, Viking blade did really good with this one.

Wrapping it up.

I love shaving with a safety razor. The wet shave is indeed an art that once you try you will never go back to those supermarket disposables or the gimmick 8 blade junks.

Trust me, one good sharp blade is all you will ever need. Sometimes the old ways are indeed the best. Whether you are looking to start shaving the real way, or you are just hunting for a gift, you can’t go wrong with any of the for safety razors listed above.

Ill be honest there are many out there but these are the four I can recommend and feel good about it.

Try one or all just make sure to get the essentials such as good blades and shaving soaps. Ill be posting on the best of those soon so stay tuned.

Enjoy the journey, here’s to having a face a smooth as a baby’s ass..Cheers!

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