Ways To Self Improve Now

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Today I wanted to touch five ways that I feel are critical if you want to self improve. Adding each one of these to your daily routine will definately make a good difference in your life.

Remember one thing always, if you are truly looking to change your life and improve yourself you have to make a choice now.

Is this what you want to do? Are you willing to put in what it will take to change yourself? …………………………..Still here? ……….Good.

Let’s Get Started

#1 Read More

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Reading is by far one of those undisputed hobbies that will help you tremendously on your way through life. Bottom line is if you want to be better you have to “see” or in this case read how people besides yourself view and perceive things.

The first book I ever read that changed the course of my life was The Sixteen Laws Of Success, written by Napoleon Hill.

This is the book that opened my eyes up to the possibilities and foundations of life. I truly love this book and I highly recommend you read this.

One thing to note, it was written a long time ago. The principles are timeless and there is no substitute. Just know it’s old school.

Whatever books you love start to read more and absorb as much knowledge as possible. There are so many resources around the people just don’t take advantage of.

Put yourself ahead and read. I will include some other recommended titles at the end of this article. Check them out, books are cheap but the knowledge is priceless.

#2 Wake up early

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Waking up early has so many benifits that can really add up and improve your overall life and happiness. I touch a little on this in my article found >HERE<

When you are up early and the rest of the world is asleep you are undisturbed and free to think and get ready for the day.

This has always been a tough one for me but once you do it you will wonder how you never did it before. Some of the most successful people in the world are up at 4 am.

Find your personal time here, you can sit and get in your own head for a bit. Prepare for the day, and even get my 45 minute workout done if you want to get fit and lean.

Is it hard? You bet but that is the cost of being better. If you just want to read and not take any action you need to go back and find out your “WHY’ and realize that you will not achieve anything different unless you take action, not later, not tomorrow……Today and now.

I once asked a very rich man for the first piece of advice that came to his mind. Without any hesitation he said…….” There is no time like right now”

Keep that in mind the next time you want to burn through some time doing the same things you know are holding you back.

#3 Stop Talking too much

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This one seems strange but hear me out. Anytime you have a big goal or plans tho do something great it’s hard to not talk about it with the people you care about.

This is a normal feeling we all have. The problem is two fold though. It creates two different issues that I would say are very detrimental to your goals. The two issues are.

  • It sets you up for failure due to the habit of talking too much when we should be taking action.
  • Most people whether you realize it or not DO NOT WANT YOU TO SUCCEED.

Trust me on this, I used to have a big problem here. I just recently made a very conscious effort to eliminate this bad trait from my makeup and you should to.

I would spill all of my goals and projects out on the table for anyone to hear. It feels good to hear yourself sound successful but it’s not helping you at all with actually achieving your goals.

Furthermore if the wrong people hear your goals they may try to beat you to the punch and take your ideas.

You must guard your mind carefully.

Your mind is the only thing in this world that you have full control over. I will be writing an in depth post on this subject so stay tuned for that.

The vast majority of people do not want you to succeed. Many people, (yes even the ones you think love you and would never not like seeing you on top) don’t want to really see it happen.

They are not like this for any specific reason. Human nature is inherently selfish. People who love you and care about you do not want you to change.

They like who you are now and they don’t want to lose that cool drinking buddy or whatever you are to them.

Don’t believe me? Tell a buddy you have a few with from time to time that you have quit drinking all together and watch the response. You will be surprised to see them start busting your chops about it.

Even people that need to stop will have friends that want them to hang out with them more than they want them to get help. It is a definite fact.

Wait until you have arrived at your goal to talk……..trust me on this.

Keep your plans quiet and to yourself.

#4 Take a Second To be Grateful

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This one is often overlooked by many of us. Even still is we must remember where we have been and where we are going.

Take some time to walk and reconnect with yourself. Say thank you to the universe for what you have. Be genuinely grateful and realize that no matter what your situation is it can always be worse.

Remember that you can achieve anything you apply yourself to. The only thing that holds you back is your own mind. You are the one that controls your life.

Push ahead and strive, never give up, never stop. You will achieve your goals. Give back and be genuinely grateful for what you do have now.

This is the road to success.

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Thank you for reading.

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