What Is Your Definite Chief Aim?

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What Is Your Definite Chief Aim ?

If I asked you this very question what would you say?

Would you be offended or annoyed? Maybe you would think I’m nuts or just blabbing. Perhaps you would know the answer right off the bat?

Why does this matter?

Here is the key thing that we need to take from this and realize…..


This question is one you need to have an answer for.

The importance of chief aim?

So what is this “chief aim,” and why does it matter to me?

A definite chief aim is one of the most important…… NO! …., The most important thing to have in your grasp fully if you want to attain success and happiness.

Without this focused beam of passion pushing you towards your goals it’s hard to attain true happiness in life.

A quick example…

Imagine having a full tank of gas in your car. Everything is packed and ready to go. You planned for everything, cash in your pocket, car is clean and tuned up.

Only you left out one thing…….

You don’t have an exact destination!

Figuring you will just drive and find your way as you go? …. 

“It’s time to roll” you tell yourself as you back out of the garage…..Then it hits….. where are you heading?

You drive…. Enjoying your trip, but at some point the fun wears off and you start to get bored and head home.

This is how people that do not have a definite chief aim go through life.

Is it the worst thing ever ? No way.

Is it stopping you from achieving more?

You better believe it.

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You MUST Have A Chief Aim

There is no way around this.

A definite chief aim is the start of any success period.

If you are floating along with no destination you will not, and can not ever push yourself to attain a dream.


Remember you are capable of more than you think. How many people do you know just float along in life?

I’m not saying it’s a terrible thing for people to be content with floating and getting by.

I’m making the assumption that if you are this far into my blog, you have that desire to succeed and do more. I’m here to motivate and inspire you, be the best version of yourself you can be. You definitely can.

Find Your Aim

Where are you heading in life? What is your passion? These are the questions you need to ask yourself.

This is a tricky thing to grasp because no one can do this thinking for you. Believe me, I still try to pin this one down in my mind daily. It’s tough.

You must be who you truly want to be first and foremost. This is far too big of a decision to make half hearted. Put yourself in the picture.

We spend far too much time looking at what everyone else is doing or what they have and wonder what we need to do to get it.

This Is A Big Problem

Of course it’s good to look up to people that have reached a place in life you would like to be in, but remember this. You need to have the same burning desire they did, and still do to have that life.

I have a friend, we will call him Jeff. He has always been my best friend. We have grown through a lot together and I truly value his friendship. This guy has the best mentality of anyone I know.

One day many years ago he started talking about starting his own business. He is quiet about his plans, he talks to me about things because we trust each other. He is humble and someone you would want around you.

When he started out he had this goal so burned into his mind that a freight train couldn’t knock it out of him.

He Had A Definite chief Aim

No matter what comes his way he works his ass off to get through it. No excuses ever out of this kid ….EVER. He knows where he is going and god help the person that tries to get in his way.

That could never happen if there was no definite chief aim set in his mind.

Your success, happiness, and well being lie in your mindset and goals.

Without a definite chief aim to push you in the direction you need to go when it gets tough you’re going to get lost along the way.

Trust me on this. Dreams without a true passion and aim to attain are just that. dreams.

Advice For Younger Readers And Parents

Many times kids go to college, rack up an insane amount of student loan debt and float through. Don’t get me wrong here I’m not bashing college, but keep this in mind.

Many times I hear about younger kids saying they want to major in xyz because they will make a ton of money when they get out. If his article does anything for you I would like it to be this.

If that is your train of thought you will never truly be successful or happy. You may make a ton of money but that is not success. Sending a kid to college just because, when they have no passion or definite chief aim is literally saying, “That’s what everyone does” I’m gonna bet 50,000 a year he or she will figure it out.”

How crazy is that? Far to many young kids today have no goal or direction. I understand that it’s not exactly easy to get 18 year old Timmy to know exactly what he wants to do in life.

Make no mistake though you are not doing your child any favors if you don’t have a conversation about where they want to be in ten years.

I would much rather give my kids the money to start their own business if they really had their definite aim set and were serious about it. They would be happier in the end.

Imagine A World With No Definite Chief Aim

Think about that for a second………With out the people with intense desire and direction we would have nothing.

Do you think Jeff Bezos started Amazon just because he thought it would be cool, hell no. He had a burning desire and goal to build exactly what Amazon is today.

Can you imagine how much stress and sacrifice he needed to endure to get that thing off the ground?

How about one of my favorites Elon Musk?

He has built Tesla through the kind of work that most people can not even fathom. I wonder if he is peaches and cream everyday?

I mean he is a billionaire right? He is, but that is a problem. No one sees the work that this man actually puts in, or the sacrifices he has made. They only see the end result. His wealth.

If you are a person that says, “must be nice” when you see someone that has earned wealth stop now. They simply have worked harder than you towards……. you guessed it.

A Definite Chief Aim

Stop bashing these people and start to learn from them. They are essential to the evolution of our society. If you think that sounds stupid smash that smart phone you are holding and build one from scratch.

Someone had that desire to bring the world better things.

I am willing to bet that if Elon lost everything tomorrow he could duplicate the whole thing again over time.

How? …….It’s very simple he has a definite chief aim, a purpose and desire so strong it can’t be stopped.

Aim For What?

Bottom line is this. You want to live your best life? You need to have a definite aim. It does not matter what it is, just find it. Once you really know what you and only you want the only thing stopping you is yourself.

My aim is to motivate and inspire, I want to run my business successfully and give back to the world.

That’s mine.

Find yours, not for money or status, but for you.

When you find that you are already halfway there. Remember the majority of people in this world are drifting through.

Some Tips On Finding Yours

Even though I could never answer this question for anyone else but me I can give you some tips that may get your mind moving in the right direction.

Understand yourself, what kind of work do you enjoy? Are you a creator, fixer, traveler? Really get to know yourself more, ask yourself these questions.

  • Where do you want to be in five years?
  • Who are the people in your life that motivate you, Why?
  • What can you do all day and never get tired of it?
  • How bad do you want to push forward and succeed?

Look out for new opportunities and signs that may hold a new future for you.

Life is much too short to drift around like a ship with no rudder. Grab the wheel and set the course.

Not only for you but also for the ones you love. Get on it and you will see that once your mind is set and you know exactly where you are going everything just starts to fall into place.

Is it easy? Heck no but that’s why you are here reading my blog. You don’t like too easy. The only thing that stops you from being truly happy in life is you.

You can achieve anything, but first figure out where the hell you are going.

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